Force on the side you won't reinforce

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Tactics
Forcing pattern  

Black plays B1 as kikashi, having already decided on B3 to defend on the right. The presence of B1 will help in any later attack on White's group.


Supposing Black simply played at black+circle. Then later B1 is definitely the wrong side, strengthening Black where he is already strong. Therefore Black has nothing to regret about playing B1 of the previous diagram.

White's other option  

The other consideration is that W2 is another possible answer, once Black has played black+circle. With the timing as in the first diagram, White will connect at a because the right corner is still weak.

Therefore you can say that in this case the peep first also has a probing or inducing function.

Charles Matthews

I would say that it's your first diagram that shows the inducing function: Black wants to play in the corner, so he makes White play a move that puts pressure on the corner, making his already intended move a defense against this pressure.

On the other hand, the last diagram shows the probing function: Black forces White to make her choice of which side to connect at an early stage, before it is known/decided what Black will be doing in this position. - Andre Engels

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