Wedge - when the approach is possible

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Exerting pressure: unorthodox enclosure  

When White plays the marked stone as a wedge, Black 1 is an idea to inhibit White at a. White b, Black c is interesting for Black. This is from an Edo period game in Japan. See 3473 enclosure for Black's left-hand corner.

Coping with a Chinese enclosure  

The prevalence in contemporary Go of the mini-chinese formation means that players now often face a side position like this. White 1 is the favoured wedge. This goes against classical ideas, that an approach in the right-hand corner is larger.

Emergent pattern 1  

This sequence has been developed in a number of recent games by Chinese and Korean players. White is trying to build a strong group to limit Black's framework on the left. Black isn't content with any normal enclosure. Black 2 at a is clearly possible - in fact experiments with 2 one, two, four and five lines to the left have been seen.


Black peeps at once  

Recently B1 has been played in order to try for more immediate advantage. In a game Pak Yeong-hun-Yi Se-tol 2002-10-31 White reacted with the contact play W4, to try for sabaki.

White joins up  

Then White built some influence with the plays from W4 (Black 11 connects at W8, White 12 at a).

Emergent pattern 2  

Also popular in recent pro games is B2, which leaves a clear weakness behind at a. So in this case W5 is comprehensible. to threaten to the right.

Another forcing pattern  

This is a continuation being played now. The combination B1+B3 follows the logic 'force on the side you won't reinforce'. After White defends actively at W4, ahead of Black at a, Black plays tenuki: the play at black+circle means that Black already has a base in the left corner.

Charles Matthews

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