BQM 263

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Is this a trick?  

Calvin (AGA 11k): Is this hamete or just bad?

The natural move.  

It seems normal to play like this. Can black refute it?

this would seem to suffice

Going for the avalanche  

Here's an idea I've seen in a few high-dan games.

Ladder block/ko threat  

The reason I feel B1 in the original pattern can't be good is because this move is often used by white as a ladder breaker or ko threat. So the position in the first diagram is the same as if black ignored this threat. Am I missing something? -Calvin

Black weakens himself  

Bill: B1 provokes W2. Now B1 is weak and the White stones are strong. Furthermore, Black is cut in two. White can be happy with this exchange.

It is natural to attack Black's weak stone, but one danger is to end up capturing it on a small scale. If White gets too little by capturing it, Black will be able to regard it as a sacrifice. The exchange, B1 - W2, is bad. White does not have to capture B1 to gain from it.

That having been said, the gain is not all that big, nor is the subsequent play all that easy. I posted a suggestion that I am now not so happy with. <sigh>

Danger ahead  

Bill: Sometimes it is easier to say what you don't like than what you do. Let me illustrate the danger I was talking about.

B2 is a natural, strong response. W3 further weakens black+circle, but it looks inefficient. However, if black+circle and white+circle were not there, then it looks OK, and the exchange of black+circle with white+circle favors White.

Heavy play  

Bill: B1 is heavy play. White can be satisfied with attacking Black's heavy stones.

Too small  

Bill: The danger comes with a play like B1, which threatens B2. If White prevents that with W2, White has captured black+circle on too small a scale, and ends up overconcentrated.

Anonymous: How about white using her extra strength for some aggressive tactics in the corner?

excellent shape  

Here W1-white+circle gives white marvellous shape in the corner.

complicated fight  

This B6 leads to complicated fighting but it seems white can hold her own.

Bill: Complications aside, strengthening the opponent while strengthening already strong stones is not so appealing to me.

Evading the danger?  

crux: Maybe this is better than W3 at a? This way the black+circle/white+circle exchange seems bad for Black.

Bill: The pincer, W3, seems natural and attractive.


Bill: Black can set a trap with B1 - B5.

Falling for it  


Avoiding the trap  

Bill: W1 gives Black an empty triangle. If B4, W5 puts pressure on Black's corner. (If Black protects on the top instead of B4, White continues a severe attack against Black's heavy stones on the left.) This looks good for White, but still tricky because of the weakness of the white+circle stones.

No trap, but not so easy  

Bill: B1 - B7 set no trap, but put up stiff resistance. W8 is a shape play, giving Black an empty triangle and preventing B8, which would leave White peeping at a bamboo joint. But now Black is pretty well connected, and White is shut into the corner.


Bill: White can push through, but then things get complicated. Here is one possible continuation. Black might play B10 at a, but I don't think that works.


Bill: Next White may push out with W1 and then Black will make something on the top side.

This is not so easy to assess, but may be good for White. Either side may have better play.

My earlier suggestion  

Bill: This is my earlier suggestion. The exchange, W1 - B2, is not attractive, since W2 is on the 4th line, and Black's corner is strengthened, but it does keep White from being shut into the corner. Now White pincers with W3.

The problem with it  

Bill: But now Black has B1 - B3, threatening Ba for shape. W4 prevents Ba, but now it is easy for Black to throw black+circle away. (And it still has some aji.)


Bill: So now I'm back to one of my early thoughts. W3 keeps White from being shut into the corner and makes miai of the top and left sides, without strengthening Black or leaving weaknesses behind.


Compare that with this joseki.

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