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Me, by myself:

I'm French but I'm quite fluent in English, even though, sometimes, I create new words which may make my comments difficult to understand. Feel free to correct me if I make mistakes ^^

I began playing go around December 2005 after being initiated during a autumn summer camp (see ? difficult to understand isn't it ?) after some practice I was sitting around 25k on kgs (before new ratings came) and then, I had a revelation when I read Le GO cosmique by Masaki. After some games where I slaughtered some 20 to 25k (it looks as if at that level, you don't think of invasions before territory is locked down), I was sitting around 20k (on kgs)

Currently, I play on IGS (still under the name atulab), at around 17k, and in the French go association (15k)

books read: -le go cosmique (I don't think it has an English translation) -Invincible (I don't understand most of it, but it's fun and interesting to see professional games even at my level) -get strong at joseki 1 and 3 -Keshi and Uchikomi (reduction and invasion: not my level but someday it will be useful) -opening theory made easy (which I strongly recommend)

23rd June, 2007:

xela: Wow, you've been busy! We now have solutions or attempts for the whole of section 5 of Gokyo Shumyo... looking at your contributions here, I don't believe you're only 15 kyu!

A hint: you can make a link on this site by putting text in square brackets. For instance, if you type "[atulab]" instead of "atulab", then you get atulab, and people can find this page more easily. It's also useful for technical terms: if you say "semeai" instead of just "semeai" then people who don't know the word can look it up by following the link.

More hints of this sort can be found at text formatting rules, if you're interested.

Feel free to delete this comment once you've read it. And keep up the good work here--I'll start posting the next set of problems soon!

atulab: thanks ^^ I will try using more links in my future pages on SL

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