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kb: Here is the position after White 22.

Game position, move 22  

I (Black) played the large knight's move from the top right, and we played out the following joseki:

Game position, moves 23-30  

W8 deviates from the joseki (at a or b) and cut. How would you handle this position as Black?

Also, how should I take advantage of the White tenuki from the left side Taisha joseki (Wc is joseki)?

Why black cannot play like this  

Herman Hiddema: First I'd like to note that black cannot really play this joseki with the white+circle stones in place. If white answers black+square with white+square, black is in trouble. Normally, this wouldn't work because of the cut at B5, but in this situation, the white+circle stones are perfectly positioned. After W10, the black stones are dead. But if black ignores W8 to defend his stones on the left, then his stones at the top die.


Herman Hiddema: Here's some thoughts. If black cuts at B1, white must play W2, anything else is wrong. I would like to play B3 at a, but white will play W4 at b and it'll be a complicated fight, which actually reverts to an old joseki (where white plays double hane at b, black cuts at B1, white defends at W2, black plays a and white cuts at white+circle) which is a bit of a trick play.

The trick play  

Herman Hiddema: This is the old trick play variant I was talking about.

The trick play, continued  

Herman Hiddema: If white tries to kill by playing W15 at a and W17 at b (after black defends), black will throw in at W15 and white will lose the capturing race.

Keeping it simple  

Herman Hiddema: This sequence is one option for black to keep things simple, Black gets about 15 points in the corner, but gets mostly sealed in. white+circle is wasted after this sequence. black+square is also lost, black+circle still has aji because it is a cutting stone. Black keeps sente.

Followup on the left  

Herman Hiddema: As for the Taisha continuation, here's one way to play, sealing white in the corner.

atulab: warning: last time I played, I was 15k, and it was like 2 months ago ^^ so I may have a lot of things wrong anyway, here's my thinking on the upper right corner

first thoughts  

My first thought was that white had split himself by playing 28 in the original game, which seems wrong ... so my first idea was to mess around with the squared stones by playing 1. Then I saw the sequence W2 to W8 (which I'm not sure how to answer, but I'd capture here ^^ 15k greed). This doesn't seem good to me: 1-the circled stones were weak: now they have a base 2-the squared stones will either link with the circled stones or seek reinforcements on the right side. Either way, black's stones there seem of little value so white avoided an attack and gave black a little territory ...

So I'd play this:


W6 captures ^^ I'm not sure of the best play so I just put it here because it's pretty. I feel this is better because: -white has gained almost no influence whereas black has a nice corner -it's sente (or it could end up in a very hairy fight ^^) -white's moyo on the right side is still open

please excuse the smileys ^^ I'm completey addicted to them :-p

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