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Current project on SL (February 2007): see how many of the Gokyo Shumyo Tsumego Series I can solve. Feel free to join in the fun: there are still lots of problems there that need solutions!

Update (August 2007): Work on this is slowing down, partly because of my OGS addiction, partly because I got some new books, partly because Dieter's comments have inspired me to actually edit some other pages instead of telling myself I'll do it at that mythical time called "later". However, I haven't actually given up on this.

I've recently finished posting the last problems in section 6. Over the next couple of weeks I might post my attempts to those that don't look too impossible, unless atulab solves the whole lot before I get around to it. Then there's section 7, most of which I won't be attempting for a while yet... Then I'll go back to the beginning, maybe solve a couple more, start trying to understand the solutions of the more difficult ones, clean up the successful attempts and turn them into "solution" pages, and so on. I think it will be a while before I get bored of these problems, there are still many challenges for me!

Update (June 2007): still stumbling through Gokyo Shumyo, now in the middle of section 4 (capturing races). These problems are difficult for my level--I'm only managing to solve about a third of them, and even making plenty of mistakes in those few (thanks to unkx80 for pointing out all the errors in my attempts!)--but I feel as though my reading skills are gradually improving, and it's an enjoyable way to work on this.

Back in February I was worried that I was the only person here interested in these problems (except for the indefatiguable unkx80, who probably finds it all a bit too easy), but recently a few other people have been posting attempts and comments. Thanks to everyone else who is contributing; it's nice to have some company!

unkx80: As if I can actually solve most of the problems... you must be joking. Anyway, would be good to see more people attempting problems, it does get boring when I see only the same two or three people doing it.

xela: I thought, since you only post your attempts for the more difficult problems, that you were politely passing over the ones that you find "easy" so that people like me (for whom they are not easy) can make the first attempt. Anyway, I don't mind; once I've finished posting the current set of diagrams then I'll add some more of my attempts.

unkx80: You are quite right in one aspect. Usually I don't post an attempt because either (i) I have seen the problem before or I find it easy, or (ii) I have not figured out the solution.

By the way, many thanks for posting part of the Gokyo Shumyo series. I enjoyed these problems. ;)

Dieter: Thanks indeed. I've got two reasons why I attempt little. First is they're mostly too complicated for me. I'm lacking good volumes of tsumego of my level. Secondly, I find myself attempting while editing, thereby cheating on myself. As one should do tsumego in the head, I refrain from this bad practice.

xela: Oh dear, if you tell me that it's "cheating" then I might have to stop posting attempts... :-)

Seriously though, a major part of my motivation for doing this is that I'm frustrated by the lack of English-language problem books for my level. I haven't yet found anything that's harder than the "Get Strong" series (which I don't like anyway, for reasons of style and presentation) but easier than the classical problems. Right now, I think the easier problems in Gokyo Shumyo are about right for me, although at least half the problems are still too hard. I hope that by the time I've finished going through the whole set I'll be able to go back and look at section 1 again and understand a little more. Maybe I just have to learn to read Korean...

Velobici: You dont have to learn Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Consider looking at the Li Chang Ho Jingjiang Weiqi Sihuo set of six volumes. The first three will be too easy, but good review. Maeda Nobuaki's set of three would be good as well.

xela: Thanks for the tip. Are the Maeda books the ones that are listed as "out of print"? The Li Changho seem to be easy to find on ebay--maybe I can put them on my Christmas list (I think I can make it to Christmas before I give up on Gokyo Shumyo). I know that I don't need read Chinese to use these books; it's finding the right books in the first place that's hard without the language skills.

Velobici: The Maeda books are out of print...hard to understand...but used copies are available at Amazon.jp. Not reading Chinese is actually a benefit. Many books have hints printed next the problem. The hints make it too easy. There are no hints when playing ;). Cho Hun Hyuns Lectures on the Opening have these hints as well. They make the problems significantly easier, thereby compromising the book ;(

Bob McGuigan: The Nihon Ki-in has published some tsumego books for various levels from mid single digit kyu to higher dan, nominally for people aiming for 1d, 3d, 6d, and 7d. 150 problems each. They are available from Kiseido's website and amazon.co.jp. Sounds to me like the so-called 1d and 3d books would be about right for you.

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