Gokyo Shumyo, Section 3, Problem 89 / Attempts


unkx80: B2 in this solution don't look right, because W3 kills (leading to the position at the end of variation 1).

variation 1  

xela: The marked stones are captured: black is dead.

variation 2  

xela: Is this the right response to B2? Note that W7 at B8 would be a mistake, as black could throw in at W7 and live by oiotoshi.

Edit: on second thoughts, no, B4 at W7 makes things more interesting, I'll need to think some more about this...

variation 2a  

atulab (15k): it looks as if I can prove 2 a and b are wrong

variation 2: refutation ?  

B4 here threatens life with B7, which white prevents by the atari at W5, but white still needs W7 to get his stones out of danger and black has time to get another eye by playing 10

variation 2a: refutation ?  

B4 is very ugly (looks like bad shape to me ^^) but it threatens W1 and W3 and making two eyes at a: black is alive

can anyone find a flaw in my refutations or are they correct ?

unkx80: Your refutation does not look like a refutation to me. What if W5 at a?

atulab: capture a stone at b ?

atulab: which makes a ko ^^

atulab: a little more 15K wisdom, this time aiming a the solution

variation 3  

white has the funny move a 1. white 2 being deadly, black plays here himself but is then squeezed and forced to play the ko at a note that black has a local ko threat at the squared points so there should be a better position (or my attempt is doomed ^^)

variation 3  

unkx80: I suspect you have not heard of double ko life? ;)

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