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RiffRaff: Status appears to be unsettled.

Black lives  
White kills  

idigo: But what if black plays W3 instead of B2?

Black captures  

atulab: (I'm new to editing pages ... hope I don't mess everything ...)

seems to me that White has won this battle: White has 3-4 liberties and Black's group only has 3 ... so if White begins the fight, he has won.

Am I misreading ?

Black captures and fails  
Black wins the race, I believe  

idigo: Black has a total of 5 liberties here, counting a twice since White must first play at b to remove the liberty at a. The marked white stones have effectively 3 liberties, since White will have to connect at b to win the race, giving White only 3 internal liberties (shared liberties in this semeai go to Black, who has the eye). Moreover, White can't get any more liberties with exchanges at c or d (c and d are miai for reducing White's liberties). Therefore I believe that White dies here.

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