4-4 point, low-high double approach

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Joseki
High approach after low kakari  

This double kakari dates from at least the time of Jowa, and still is used today.

Note that this position most often arises when white+square is played after white+circle and not the other way around. If white+square is already there, following up with a double high kakari at a is a common severe move. Black may follow up with a, b, or c.

Both White's stones are working hard here. The white+circle stone creates an open skirt in the corner. meaning that Black cannot so easily take corner territory; while white+square blocks Black's development.

As is always the case for double approach positions, Black first needs to pay attention to moving out into the centre.

Attach-extend joseki  

This is a joseki sequence. B7 might be at either of the marked points; now, sometimes Black can play tenuki.

4-4 point low-high double approach hane
Contact on top  

B1 here is potentially quite complex; but this joseki is a simple exchange. See 4-4 point low-high double approach hane for more information.

Diagonal contact  

This is another joseki. It of course leaves behind a large potential ko.

Not joseki  

Just coming out with B1 (a compromised diagonal) is extremely rare in pro games. One can say it is not joseki: Black tends to need to have a pincer stone in place to do this.

4-4 point, low-high double approach

Low-High double kakari (B2 tenuki)  
4-4 point low-high double approach direct invasion 4-4 point low-high double approach hane
Low-High double kakari (B2 tenuki), high attachment  

tderz: White now usually either hanes at 'a' or enters directly at 'b'.

(LINK to must-existing diagrams)

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