3-4 point high approach, inside contact, hanging connection, pincer fight

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Joseki
Pincer fight  

When Black has backing on the upper right corner, B6 can consider playing this pincer cum extension to prevent White from extending at a. In this case, W7 is common and also the most peaceful. Usually Black plays elsewhere after W7, and later White may exchange White c with Black d.

W7 may also attach at b, but because the hanging connection of W5 is looser compared to the solid connection, this can lead to complicated fights. The remainder of this page deals with W7 at b.

Pincer fight  

In response to the attachment at W7, Black a is the peaceful and essentially reverts to a 3-4 point, high approach, inside contact, solid connection joseki with the exception that the W5 stone is played as a hanging connection instead of the solid connection. However, B8 at b or c is far more common, and these will lead to complicated fights.

Empty triangle cut


B1 prepares for a cut at B3. White is split up.

Cutting across

Favorable for White  

White gets a big corner and the original pincer has lost half its purpose.

Suzuki and Kitani give the following play in the corner after Black's hane-dashi.


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