Get Strong At Damezumari/ Discussion

Zarlan: This isn't even damezumari. It's just seppuku. This isn't go-related at all. I suggest deletion.

LukeNine45: I find this moderately funny, but considering the intended audience of this site may include young children, I vote that at least the last image should be removed.

Tamsin: Yes. The last image totally freaked me out - the guy has no face. Yew. Seriously, this page is neither very funny nor very much related to go; also, I wonder how Kiseido regard somebody using their name in this way? Titoumi has obviously gone to some trouble to produce this, but it's all a bit tasteless...

Yes it's kinda weird, but different people find different things funny and it is a "humor" page after... Is it that big of a bother? Reuven

Rich: I'm with LukeNine45 - given there's no warning of (for young kids) pretty graphic images, I think it should go. There's plenty I don't find it funny or Go-related on Sensei's, but this could also be disturbing.

I disagree. Disturbing? Compare it to the games kids play these days... ;) If it is to be removed it should be removed because it's not go related or just not funny. But looking at what damezumari is... It may be kinda related. And as for humor, hard to judge as different people find different things funny. Reuven

titoumimi : i'll try to explain why i made these pictures... some times ago, i made a damezumari into one of my game, and all of my group was killed because of my mistake. i thought then my damezumari move was like commiting suicide, and seppuku is a form of suicide. When i create those pictures, i didn't want at all to shock anyone. So please, accept my appologies.

OneWeirdDude: The images are broken!

Get Strong At Damezumari/ Discussion last edited by OneWeirdDude on November 2, 2008 - 06:06
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