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Rakshasa: I have senseis search page bookmarked and just use a keyword to search. Just add a bookmark to "[ext]" and edit the keyword in the bookmark properties.

Zarlan: Edit the keyword in the bookmark? Isn't it easier just to bookmark the search page and then search from the search page? Anyway, a search field for SL sounds nice.

Rakshasa: The difference is that you can then just type "sen keima" and go straight to that page.

Zarlan: Yes, but you don't simply type "sen keima". You have to go into the bookmarks and then the properties of that bookmark to change it.
Rakshasa: I assumed the user had already followed my previous instructions on how to set the thing up.
Zarlan: Ok, now I'm just utterly confused. Set the thing up?
Rakshasa: Perhaps i didn't make it clear in the first comment. Mozilla browsers have a bookmark feature called "keywords" where you edit any bookmark (preferably one added to "Quick Searches") and replace the search term in the URL with "%s". After entering a keyword in the bookmark's properties (f.ex "sen") you can type "sen keima" instead of an url to go straight to senseis's keima page.
The Google toolbar concept for this kind of searches is only useful on IE. Firefox got it's own search features. For stuff like senseis and wikipedia, the keyword feature provides the quickest and easiest interface. For google, you got the small search field on the side of the url field. Since you need to press ctrl-up/down to change the engine it seems to me to be most useful for engines you seldomly switch between.
Zarlan: Oh, I see. Well I don't have mozilla and I'm against any form of searches involving the location bar, so it still isn't of any use for me, but it is nice to know how it works.
Rakshasa: It's only evil if it can interfere with normal url's, keywords don't. Beside, how can you be against a feature you haven't even tried? It's in Opera and Mozilla, so i would assume your still browsing with IE like it's 1999? ;)
Zarlan: IE!? No foul language please. I use Netscape Communicator 4.8, Opera version 6.05 and Firebird 0.7
Rakshasa: So you do actually run two mozilla browsers and Opera, which also supports this feature. (Though old versions, that might not support it;)
Zarlan: Netscape Communicator should not be confused with Mozilla or Netscape 6.x/7.x (which are totaly different from Communicator) and does not support that feature. I checked Opera and it seems that it has the feature, but you can't add or change anything. Firebird doesn't seem to have it att all.
Rakshasa: Obviously you are the one being confused. Netscape was originally codenamed Mozilla ("Mosaic killer") and their codebase has always used that name. I would have assumed Opera made it configurable. Anyway, i did put in the disclaimer that your versions propably didn't support it.
Zarlan: I am well aware that Netscape always has had the codename Mozilla, but when I said Mozilla I meant the browser named (not just codenamed) Mozilla, which should not be confused with Netscape Communicator (although it is also codenamed Mozilla)
Rakshasa: To be pedantic (whenever wasn't I?) there isn't a browser named Mozilla. What is usually just called Mozilla is infact the Mozilla Application Suite.

unkx80: Sounds like the Google toolbar. =)

IlyaM: Mozilla's keywords are documented here: [ext]

utku: What should I write in this page's [ext] search area for adding Sensei's to my Firefox? I couldn't find the search plug-in with just writing [ext]

SirLyric: The search plugin I wrote for SL isn't on Mycroft yet - they're so overwhelmed it can take months to get one up there. It's available [ext] here.

utku: Your project is working very well. So, there is no need to search/find it in Mycroft's page. Thank you very much.

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