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This page is a list of feature and change requests for ZBaduk.

Feel free to add features below.

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Goban / go board component.

Feature requests about how the Goban should be rendered. These feature requests apply to both Smart Review as well as playing against the bot.


A way to toggle coordinates. (Should also be available for mobile devices).

Play Bot features

Feature requests that apply to the way the bot behaves or the UI of the bot screen. Important: don't put features here that also apply to Smart Review. Those go under the Goban feature list.

Smart Review features

Feature requests for the analyzing of go positions and its UI.

Visualizing variations of the stats table

  • The stats table shows moves, winrate, ... and a sequence. It's hard to use this sequence right now, as there are no coordinates around the board. There should be an easy way to quickly preview a sequence or project it on top of the goban.
  • Update 2019/05/15: you can click the stat table to see a preview of the predicted sequence.

Game Record List features

Feature requests for the list of your personal go records.

SGF Editor features

More specific features for the way SGF files are saved and loaded.


The ability to load/save handicap SGF files.


The only thing really wrong with zbaduk.com is that the only payment method offered is the stinking cesspit of a company calling itself [ext] 'Paypal'.

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