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Advice on reviewing with AI bots, coming from the author of Katago

Extreme interactivity is key. If you just look passively at the moves or variations they suggest you'll notice sequences and shapes that don't make sense to you or are surprising. So "interrogate" the bot for why. E.g.

  • it says your move is bad and you should tenuki and attack something else, but you don't see why that move works at all, and it even has the opponent "concede" that the move works and give up stones. Okay, so play down that line, but instead of having the opponent concede, play the move you'd expect the opponent to respond with and see how the bot responds.
  • it says you should play move X to threaten some stones but that the opponent should confusingly tenuki? Go ahead and have the opponent respond and see why - maybe it shows you that the opponent's saving the stones doesn't work, or works but becomes too heavy.
  • it says you should tenuki when you defended in game, and it has the opponent "agree" by also playing elsewhere, but you don't see why as the shape just sits there unsettled. Tenuki as it says and then have the opponent play the move you were afraid of. Maybe the bot shows you that you can just tenuki again it's because the stones aren't big enough. Maybe it shows you that actually your shape was lighter than you thought and the opponent's threat isn't a big deal. Maybe it shows you tactically that the move you were afraid of simply doesn't work.
  • Also a big one is to pay attention to who has sente. I've often seen some kyu players try to analyze their moves with a bot and be super-confused as to why the bot says they should prefer a given result when it's locally worse than the result they got in the game, not realizing that they have sente in this variation and gote in the other.

Interactively "asking the bot questions" like this is way better than staring at the numbers or even looking at the PV that the bot gives you on any of the moves in your game.

See also: [ext] and subsequent, where Andrew Simons shows how to use Leela Zero for review.

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