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Five common methods of capturing 常用吃子五法

  1. 双吃 double atari
  2. 征吃 ladder
  3. 倒扑 snapback
  4. 接不归 connect and die
  5. 枷吃 net

Four unusual methods of capturing 特殊吃子司法

  1. 金鸡独立 double shortage of liberties
  2. 吃秤砣 two-stone edge squeeze
  3. 倒脱靴 under the stones
  4. 滚打包收 twirl

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古力现在的棋在尽可能下厚,运用厚味。小李的棋虽然经常很薄,但对手的厚势却往往对小李起不到多大作用。而 小李一旦下厚了,那就是直线屠龙的开始。

很多盘棋,尤其是古力在对阵数目派掌门李昌镐时,棋院的研究往往是古力目数不够了,这招走空了,不如走那带 目等等,但往往古力的厚势中后盘后慢慢发力,以看不见的目数取胜,比如春兰八强对大李,走一走的就已经优势 了,尽管后来出了纰漏被大李翻盘了。




Translation by tchan001:
Gu Li and Yi Se-tol have a different understanding of influence from other go players

As these two players excel in attacking -- being able to find and seize opportunities as they arise -- their comprehension of thickness and influence surpasses that of other players.

Prior to Gu Li, most Chinese players imitated the Japanese with an emphasis on territory, carefully counting the points before playing each move.

The present style of Gu Li near the end of the game can become quite thick with strong utilizations of flavors of thickness. Yi Se-tol's games is frequently very thin, but playing against Yi Se-tol with a thick and powerful style often lacks impact. Once Yi Se-tol starts to move more thickly, it signals right away the start of the slaughtering of dragons.

In many of Gu Li's games (especially against the head of the school of counting points Yi Ch'ang-ho), research by the Weiqi Association would comment that Gu Li does not have enough points, he played ineffectively here and perhaps should have played at another part of the board for territory, etc. But by the end of the middlegame, Gu Li's style of influence starts to reveal it's power and he snatches victory by making territory where others saw nothing. For example, in the second round (best eight) of the recent Chunlan Cup Tournament ([ext] game in the 7th edition, on 12-09-2008, played in Nanchang, China) against Yi Ch'ang-ho, Gu Li was able to become very thick in just a couple moves, but unfortunately near the end, he made a serious mistake and Yi was able to turn the table around.

Currently Gu Li and Yi Se-tol are in an intense period of fighting over who will become the head of this new school of slaughtering dragons.

The best way to defend is to attack. This certainly is a cunning saying as skill is different for each person. Perhaps it's better to just simplify attack into one word: death.

Based on their recent performances, the techniques and ideas of Gu Li and Yi Se-tol are clearly at a higher level than other players.


I've come back home.
There is no friend to play Go with.
That place far away
where an axe handle turned to dust -
how dear to me it has become!
-- Ki no Tomonori, Japan, year 900 --

山僧對棋坐,(The monks from the mountain temple sit playing go.) (Shān sēng du q zu,)
局上竹陰清。(On the board the bamboo shadows stand in bold relief,) (J shng zh yn qīng.)
映竹無人見,(While the reflecting leaves prevent others from seeing.) (Yng zh w rn jin,)
時聞下子聲。(Occasionally is heard the sound of a stone being played.) (Sh wn xi zi shēng.)
by Bai Juyi (772-846) From: [ext] Mind Sports Worldwide and [ext] Go Discussions

鹿柴 by 王維
See [ext] 19 Ways of Looking at Wang Wei

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  • 咏柘榴詩 by 王安石

Useful Lines ?

网管你好,我是一个外国人,我不会说中文,这段话是别人翻译的。 我现在遇到了赖皮或对方不会点子,希望能得到您的帮助,谢谢。Hi admin, I'm a foreigner who can't speak Chinese, this message was translated by someone. I have trouble now, I meet a rascal or the opponent don't know how to clear dead stones, I hope you can help me, thanks.

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