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Suggested sequence  

What next?  

I have been looking at the suggestion but so far can not find a win for White here. What does White do after B4? One important question that is open is whether White wins if everybody lives. DaveSigaty

At worst a ko 1 - 5?  

Something like this ko (B6 - B10)? See below. DaveSigaty

A. White's brute force approach  

W7 at 3
B10 at B4 and wins on the right with a, ignoring any ko threat.

B1. White's play on the right  

W9 at B5

The ko threat at B10 and a second at a are available in many of the variations and make it possible for Black to fight hard. The position on the rest of the board would help to evaluate this situation correctly.

B2. White's play on the right - cont'd  

W5 at WC
B8 at B2.

Whenever White retakes the ko in the corner, Black will recapture at black+circle and ignore any ko threat.

C. Other alternatives for White from here?  

What next: maybe here?  

dnerra: Whew, that is really a tough challenge to SL! Here are my two cents:

Maybe the idea of the "Finnish sequence" is to create a shortage of liberties as with W1 in this diagram. Note that the white dragon virtually has five liberties (I think). At the moment I would expect a result similar to Dave's above, but I have to read further.

OK, just 48 more, and we have a $ :-)

AvatarDJFlux Since when a dollar is made of 50c??!?
Now I understand your counting!!!!! ;-)))) -- dnerra: Hmph. Let me say I meant 48 more 2c's, after Dave's and mine above :-)))

Dave: How about this B2?

dnerra: Isn't W3 sufficient then? After W5, it's a just a liberty counting exercise :-) I think White is one liberty ahead, but maybe I am wrong.

Dieter: Well you are, no ?

dnerra: Ooops yes, I didn't see B5. So White has to play at W4 instead of W2, in case mutual life is sufficient?

go4joy: Isn't White still dead if White at W4, then Black to the right of W4. Doesn't Black still win the capturing race?

What next: maybe here?  


go4joy: Referring to Dave's third diagram:-

Alternative con't 1  
Alternative con't 2  

go4joy: This is the best I can come up with. White will need a big ko threat. At least this variation removes Black's local ko threats.

DaveSigaty: Unfortunately this variation has removed White's local ko threats (successive white plays at a and b will create only a temporary seki since the three white stones have no hope for eyes). Unless there is a 60+ point ko threat on the part of the board that is not shown, Black will ignore any threat and live in the upper left. As a result, W3 looks impossible.

Lucky I had another idea: although is still ko, it is in White's favor.

Lucky's move (Black 4 at 1)  

W1 is surprisingly effective. B2 is the only answer. The moves to W7 are forced.

Lucky's move 2  

Now there is little Black can do: B1 is best, since any other move and White plays at B1 herself and wins the capturing race. B3 makes ko.

Lucky's move 3 (White 4 at the marked stone)  

And White takes first.

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