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Death in the descent?  

There may be death in the hane, but White's descent adds more than one liberty. Black cannot approach from the left.

Nice try  

White wins the semeai.

The kosumi offers stout resistance.

Black dies  

(B9 at black+circle)

B3 looks reasonable. But after W4, what can Black do? W8 is atari, leaving Black no time to make a second eye. Through B10, Black is dead.

Anonymous: But ,otoh, in this variation, black has at least 5 liberties (blocking 10 forces 12 at left of 6 to destroy the second eye) and win the semeai...

Bill: Are you talking about the previous diagram? W8 captures the Black dumpling, so that there is no semeai anymore. Black just dies.

Shape, but ...  

B1 makes shape, but ...

White still wins  

W2 is a sacrifice to prevent B9 at a.

The block perhaps offers stouter resistance.

White crawls in  

Black now has a few choices.

Black dies again  

White wins again (i)  

(B5 at W2)

After B1 makes an eye in the corner, W2 - B5 is a squeeze. The placement of W6 prevents ko.

White wins again (ii)  

Black can prevent the squeeze by connecting.

Black connects, but . . .  

After W7 does Black stand a chance? If B6 at W7, W7 at B6.

Can Black prevail against the descent?

-- Bill Spight

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