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Dosaku - Doetsu (chitetsu)
pressing while middle is already occupied

Some examples to show what thickness is and how it can be used:

Thickness by Joseki

Dieter: All the above examples come from joseki and are possibly not a very good set of first examples to illustrate thickness (I think I've introduced them myself). Therefore:

Other Thickness examples

Thickness examples from games

White: Honinbo Dosaku
Black: Honinbo Doetsu
Result: B+3
Date: 1669-07-16,18

Dosaku - Doetsu (chitetsu)  

tderz Have a look at the (white) position after move 71!
Isn't it amazing?
Black has 3 corners and a twicefold access to the middle. Normal mortals would be at a loss in such a game position.
Eventually White lost by 3 points, yet it is impressive how he did.

pressing while middle is already occupied  

tderz: BTW, white created this position by moving to W1 here!

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