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Thad Those who have taken a class from shy have heard him talk of "the list". You can get the list by emailing him. To save all that email, here it is:

The most basic list:

  • Am I ok? (am I about to get hurt or hassled?).
  • Is the opponent ok? (can I chase or hassle the opponent to get profit?).
  • Where is big area (going for wide area or big points).

Priorities in the opening:

  1. Playing in response to issues (things that are too good to pass up or to let happen, i.e. I have a wall and can use it to attack or extend from).
  2. When your 3-3 or 4-4 stone is approached, respond (unless something else is urgent).
  3. Playing in empty corners.
  4. Playing in unfinished corners (single stones on the 3-4, 3-5 and 5-4 are unfinished corners)
  5. Start a joseki in a “2 stone finished” corner that is to your advantage.
  6. Approaching the 3-3 or 4-4 stone.
  7. Sides.
  8. Center.

General rules:

  • Don’t get surrounded in sente.
  • When living or getting points: Corner first, side second, center third.
  • To attack: Take away a running direction from him. The one that gives you most profit or that makes it hardest on him (usually corner first, side second, center third).
  • When chasing: Getting cut is fine (chase with the knight's move).
  • Don’t contact weak stones (weak groups might be ok to contact, not weak stones).
  • Do contact strong stones (if you can’t mess with the stone later, it’s strong).

Of course all these rules will be broken at the right time. But these basic ideas will help you maneuver through situations.

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