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Dieter: I've been thinking about this variant as a teaching device. I will gather myself a list of trustworthy proverbs and show them to a club member I am teaching. They will include basic instinct for close combat but also strategy related proverbs.

While playing, I will show a card with a proverb to my opponent student and play a move. If he agrees that the move is in line with the proverb, it stays. if he doesn't, we'll discuss which move accords and I'll play that one.

This means I will never try to trick him or go for lengthy tactical manoeuvers so as to outread him. This will also enable him to think about his own moves according to principles of good play.

I could further handicap myself by having him choose the principle which I have to apply for my move.

I could also handicap him and give myself some hoshi stones, to emphasize that all you have to do in a handicap game is play natural moves. Further handicaps are thinkable such as not using the same principle twice in a row. Needs to be tested.

Even against an opponent of my own strength, this alleged handicap could probably benefit me more than I'd think myself.

Dronak: If I may say so, this sounds like an interesting idea. As a newbie who knows very little, I could see going through a game like this as a good way to learn some basic strategy and such. My father taught us chess by talking through games, explaining why moves we both made were good or bad. I don't know if people do the same with go, but I do like the idea of knowing something of the reason behind every move being made. So for whatever it's worth, I like the idea.

Cheyenne: This does sound like an interesting way of teaching.

Another thought would be to do review of a game and then for each move see how many proverbs could be applied to that position

Dieter: I played a proverb game at KGS. Load Kassel-Knotwilg on 9/2/2004.

Ruediger from Luebeck: Sorry! No player Knotwilg, no player Kassel in the KGS-archive. Accounts expired? (I found, that at least one account expired the last months). Do you have a (another) link for that game? 9th aug.'06

Phelan: Seems so. When I checked the "Include expired and guest accounts" box, I found the game:


Klaus: I wold love to play such a game here, it might be interesting to whatch for othert too! Are you iterested? Maybe both players should try to use proverb moves?!

Karl Knechtel: Wasn't there a proverb-oriented rengo here once?

Phelan: The closest to that I can remember was PhilosophersStones. Is this it?

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