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schulzki?: I did some modifications on GoSuite, so that now it is possible to play against any GTP engine (e.g. GnuGo) that is running on a remote PC. This way, GoSuite is much faster and offers the up to date versions of GnuGo (it is less mobile, though). Visit [ext] Remote GnuGo for instructions and the modified GoSuite.

axd: This is a great page, but I'm a bit worried to what will happen to the page once the site (www.feniello.com) would decide (for whatever reason) to no longer (be able to) host the various nice screenshots. I think it would be better to limit to listing Go software and let the individual software pages host the screenshots instead by their owning site (and urge the authors to at least adopt Feniello's screenshots or recreate them), and limit screenshots on this page to non-Go related software - which raises the question if this page still belongs on SL. (Yes, of course, because palmtops are great Go tools.) The danger of becoming obsolete is real with new releases of the shown softwares coming up, it's almost certain the page will become outdated.

  • xas: Actually lot of data aren't available because of feniello.com restriction. Even GoSuite isn't more available. What's new ?
    • AshleyF: The restriction isn't intentional. My ISP had some kind of hardware failure and the ACLs were damaged (causing 401 authorization required). It's back now...

Malweth: Has there been any word on Turbogo Joseki Tutor? Looking through the Diff, this has been "in progress" since September 2003. I know the author doesn't want to give PPC users any unfair advantage during RL tournament games, but it seems to me that this unfair use would be less common than any fair usage of the PPC (and Kogo's is useable using Ashley's program).

Rellik: Is there a way to run cgoban2 on windows mobile 2003? Or is there an other KGS client that runs on a PocketPc?

Malweth: I've been looking for clients to KGS and IGS - the best bet currently is Go Suite, which has an IGS client in development. KGS is a closed protocol, so no 3rd party clients will be made for PPC - and it's unlikely that WMS will develop one since Java support for PPC seems quite limited.

Have you tried Terminal Services? A nice image of the KGS screen is on the main page (PocketPC), though I'm not sure how well playing a game would work. (I haven't yet tried Term Services).

  • It works very well. I am using a Pocket Loox 720 with WLAN to connect to my box at home via terminal server. Playing is fun, when you use the 640x480 resolution of the Loox and play only 9x9 and 13x13.

Rellik: If you play over a GPRS connection it is to slow.

Malweth: I'm currently a palm pilot user and I'm thinking of switching over to PocketPC (after a bad experience with my half-working Palm Tungsten|T).

  1. Are there a lot of compatibility problems with the different PocketPC processors? (I'm looking at a Dell with the XScale Processer).

AshleyF: As of Pocket PC 2002, ARM has been used exclusivly (ARM4 now, but backward compatible). XScale is Intel's ARM4 compatible processor. ARM has been in the mix since the early days and almost no software exists out there that doesn't include an ARM build. You should have no problems. Check out: [ext] http://www.devx.com/Intel/Article/21914

  1. The go applications for PocketPC seem to be very good (higher quality than on Palm)... do they typically allow any size SGF to be opened? (most Palm apps have size limitations).

AshleyF: I don't know of any limits other than available memory. I can speak for GoSuite: no limit. Although it is noticably slow to open large files (and even slower from a flash card). For example, GoSuite takes 20 seconds to open Kogo's Joseki Dictionary (750KB).

  1. What about IGS, KGS, etc clients? Does anyone have an client for online play that is almost complete?

AshleyF: Not that I know of. I've been experimenting recently with making an IGS client for Smartphone (so far can sign in, list games, and observe) and, if successful, I may port to Pocket PC.


Malweth: Thanks for the answers! As I've said elsewhere, I got the Dell Axim X30 Hi for Christmas!! It's great! Looking forward to the IGS Client!

DGS allows for very small goban setting when one changes their user profile, so that appears to be another mobile-friendly server. Never tried it, though.


Jesusin: Have you tried Jago? I have played on IGS and KGS with my PocketPC and a GPRS phone. However, the screen is too small and it is easy to slip.

Rellik: How can I get Jago to run on a PPC?

Jesusin: What I did was to install Jeode on my Pocket PC and install Jago on my PC. Then I copied the file 'jago.jar' from my PC to '/windows/lib' on the PPC. Then I created a file called 'prueba3' in '/windows/menuinicio/progr/jeode/examples' whose content was '55#\windows\evm.exe -Xnowinceconsole -cp \Windows\lib\jago.jar Go'. And after that, you are ready to play. All you have to do is to click on 'windows/menuinicio/progr/jeode/examples/prueba3' to start the application.

Jesusin: Can someone please help me? I can not make goproblems.com work on my PocketPC. I have an iPAQ (Pocket PC 2002, ARM, Windows CE) and I have Jeode Runtime Environment installed. Java applications work ok. Then I have copied 'goproblems.com ZIP version' to a directory in order to solve the problems not being connected to the internet. I click on the html problem files and the text looks ok, but there is no problem bellow. What is going wrong? Do I need to somehow link the explorer with the Java Machine?

Jesusin: Joede doesn't support Javascripts. Does anyone know a Java Virtual Machine for Pocket PC that supports Javascripts?

TimK: Javascript has nothing to do with Java, despite the name. You won't find a JVM that supports Javascript anywhere.

Jesusin: Oh, thank you TimK. I suppose that what I need then is a browser that supports Javascript, right?

TimK: Yes, I think so.

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