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Chinese 1: 透点 (tu diǎn)
Chinese 2: 点 (diǎn)
Japanese: 置き, オキ (oki)
Korean: 치중 (置中, chijung)

A placement is a play (tesuji) inside the opponent's group without touching other stones. Its aims are many: killing, yose, sacrifice to get sente etc. Of course, it may fail as a speculative invasion.

Example of an unsettling placement

After joseki  

Black has approached White's corner with black+circle. If White does not respond, Black can play the placement of B1, after which Black can connect out, either at a or at b, turning White either into a drifting group or small life in the corner.

Example of a killing placement

Here's an example of a placement in a life and death situation:


The White group is an L+1-group with an extra hane. B1 is a killing placement.


White is dead due to bent four in the corner.


B5 makes the second eye false and kills the entire group.

In this context we will rather speak of the vital point of the group, or of nakade.

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