New Years Go Resolutions




  • Same stuff as last year.


  • Play more (easy?).


  • Think during games
  • Count during games
  • Get to 4kyu on the EGF list



  • Study tsumego more than SL.
  • Count more frequently, especially before a potentially risky tenuki.
  • Stop trying to win by 30 points; instead, play according to principles of Winning A Won Game.
  • Learn to trust reading more; stop playing moves that I read don't work, hoping that my reading is incorrect.
  • Don't play bizzare moves just to see if they work.


  • do more TsumeGo
  • play more on Tygem
  • read at least 5 moves ahead always (now I sometimes read 20, sometimes 0)
  • be less addicted to my stones/territory
  • become german champion ;)
  • visit a korean baduk school and learn much there
  • keep up the German Insei School
  • develope a prototype of the Ultimate Go Server


  • do more TsumeGo
  • play more
  • be less angry after losing
  • replay pro games
  • become 2d (currently 3k)


  • do more [ext] go problems
  • think more before moving
  • transition from 9x9/13x13 to 13x13/19x19
  • get a couple of teaching games
  • try new openings
  • get less stressed while starting a KGS game
  • make it to 18K (now 25K)


  • Count during games
  • Think during games



  • Count during games (yes, me too)
  • Win at least one game everyday.
  • 1 dan by end of 2004 (4k now)
  • 95% in Cho chikun's Encyclopedia of L&D, elementary level.


  • Learn to read (well ok, I might occasionly read ahead a few moves, but that not nearly enough)
  • Count (me three ^_~)
  • Play at least a few games per week.



  • reach 5k by end of year 2004. (now 11k as of 17 jan 2004)

..... don't think i can reach that goal at all. i am now at 15k.......... :( ...

*commits cyber hara-kiri. drops dead. drools a river of blood*

Fhayashi: Here are my New Years Go Resolutions:

  • Don't play blitz
  • Use my time
  • When considering whether a group needs a move to be defended or not, count the score
  • Count the score more often
  • Play different fuseki
  • Read out more than two moves ahead


  • Learn to attack to make territory...don't get caught up in trying to kill.
  • Play more often.
  • Continue practicing Life and Death, daily if possible, even if only a dozen problems a day.


  • Play a lot of blitz
  • Work on intuition
  • Rely less on reading
  • Count more often
  • Reach european 5d level strengthwise


  • Play at least twice a week


  • tenuki (much) more
  • evaluate the score more during the middlegame; evaluate moves more in the endgame
  • worry about rating less, playing good moves more.


  • Play more, theorise less
  • More emphasis on shape
  • Count more
  • Consider reducing instead of invading (depends on counting too)


  • Play more
  • Watch more
  • Pay attention to what im watching
  • Chat in moderation


  • Play every day (or as close to it as is reasonable)
  • Become more consistent (I think I vary by 6-8 stones from my worst to best games day-to-day)
  • Don't get flustered when doing poorly; relax and have fun
  • Count better, faster, more
  • Stop using Go as an excuse not to sleep (i.e. find another excuse)
  • Stop playing aji keshi
  • No more cargo cult go


  • Review more pro games
  • Learn how to count
  • Play calmly, patiently, and peacefully
  • Invade less
  • Read farther ahead
  • Play super slow
  • Catch up to kamyszyn on KGS
  • Learn to read better on real boards
  • Learn how to use influence


  • Improve my opening game
  • Improve my middle game
  • Improve my endgame


  • What chrise said
  • Slow down a bit
  • try to be a be a bit less hyper
  • tenuki more
  • cut more
  • win more ^_^

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