Book Template

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Template definition

<if title>{{{title}}}
</if><if origname>("{{{origname}}}")
</if><if series><if part>Part {{{part}}} of the</if> series: {{{series}}}
</if><if cover>[{{{cover}}}]<if cover2> [{{{cover2}}}]<if cover3> [{{{cover3}}}]</if></if>
</if><if author>By: {{{author}}}<if author2>, {{{author2}}}</if>
</if><if translated-by>Translator: {{{translated-by}}}
</if><if publisher>Publisher: [{{{publisher}}}]<if date>, </if></if><if date>{{{date}}}</if>
<if isbn10>ISBN10 {{{isbn10}}}
</if><if isbn13>ISBN13 {{{isbn13}}}
</if><if pages>{{{pages}}} pp.
<if buy-online> Buy online: [{{{buy-online}}}]</if>

Copy-paste template

==== Table of Contents ====
to be added
==== Sample Material ====
to be added
==== Reviews ====
to be added


Parameter name Linked?[1] Comments
title The title of the book (will be bolded)
origname Original name, e.g. in the original language
series Opt. Of which it forms a part
part Number of the book as part of the series
author Opt. Name of the author
author2 Opt. Optional second author(s)
translated-by Opt. Translator(s)
cover Image Image of the cover
cover2 Image Second image of the cover
publisher Yes Name of the publisher
date Date published
isbn10 10-digit (pre-2007) ISBN – see Wikipedia: [ext] ISBN & [ext] WP:ISBN
isbn13 13-digit (post-2007) ISBN
pages Number of pages
buy-online Yes A page where one may buy (or find out about) the book on-line, e.g. at the publisher’s site or at Amazon (if no better link is available)
(A link for this specific book, not just the publisher’s home page)

[1] Whether the parameter is automatically linked:

  • If “Yes”, the parameter should be supplied without [], which will be added. This can therefore be either a reference to a page on this site or any appropriate URL.
  • If “Image”, the URL of an image should be supplied ( without []).
  • If “Opt.”, linking is optional, and should be done by explicitly including [] in the parameter.

Usage Example

The Way of the Moving Horse
Part II of the series: Learn to Play Go Series
By: Janice Kim, Jeong Soo-Hyun
Publisher: (not) Good Move Press?, 1995
ISBN10 0964479621
ISBN13 978-0964479623
163 pp.

Buy online: [ext]

|title=The Way of the Moving Horse
|series=[Learn to Play Go Series]
|author=[Janice Kim]
|author2= Jeong Soo-Hyun
|publisher=Good Move Press

[/discussion ]

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