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Quick couple of questions about a joseki.


the attach tesuji usually used when there is a black stone in the centre which can support this, however in this case there is not. Logic dictates that these 'bad move' ( 3 isn't good without a pinceer and 5 fails to defend the black right side)should give white the advantage however, I've racked my brains trying to come up with a solution fow white, any ideas?

Herman Hiddema: Here's an idea. White exchanges W6 for B7, then attacks B5 with W8 (if black does not answer at B7, but plays at or around W8, white can strongly attack the corner and get a good position along the top).
If we look at this with Tewari analysis: Suppose after W4, black played the normal move at B7. Then if white played W8, would you invade at B5, inviting W6?

Herman Hiddema: And see: 4-4 point diagonal attachment, pincer (without one-space jump)

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