Jo Bunen

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徐 文燕
ジョ ブンエン
Jo Bunen, Bun'en
Xu Wenyan

b. 2005-01-15 (?)
Female Nihon Ki-in professional
from Tokyo (東京都, Metropolitan Tokyo Prefecture)

After her experiences in the Children's Meijin (finalist in 2016) and as an insei, Jo qualified as a professional in 2021. She had to take the qualification exam three times before passing. As of 2022-01-03, she's played fifteen games, seven of them wins.

She is the daughter of Kin En, another female Nihon Ki-in professional. Kin was born in China, was a student of Qiu Bairui and was once the Women's Amateur Honinbo?. Jo's teacher is Mitsunaga Junzo.

According to John Fairbairn,

... she learnt to relax before big games by eating 60 strawberries, (which) even have their special day in Japan - 15th January. 1-5 is ichi-go, and the Japanese for strawberry is ichigo. And by a fluke Jo's birthday is 15th January. She did not say there is a connection - that's my guess. After all, strawberries and strawberry picking (ichigogari) are widely popular with Japanese women.

In 2021, she won the 3rd Y's Academy Cup. Fairbairn had this to say on the event:

The Y's Academy Cup is a strange event, held in the Diamond Go Salon, not too far from the Ki-in. It's a Swiss for 10 players, 5 pro and 5 amateur. But the pros have to give the amateurs 2 stones. Jo scored 5-0, beating fellow 1-dans Takeshita Ryoya?, Tanaka Yuki, Suzukawa Natsumi and Mito Shuhei.

In July, she played in the preliminaries of the 2nd Discovery Cup, beating Suzukawa and losing to Rafif Shidqi Fitrah.

Later, in December, she competed in the Japan-Taiwan Young Players Exchange?, in which she "played two 3-dan males and beat one (Lin Yancheng)."

She has not yet managed to qualify for the Women's Honinbo. In December 2021, she was knocked out in the semifinal of her qualification group by Nakamura Sumire. This game, which took almost eight hours, was [ext] streamed on the Nihon Ki-in Youtube channel.

According to pajaro on L19, she was the recorder of at least a couple of games in the Meijin or Honinbo tournaments.

Ambiguity over dates of birth and qualification

Her ki-in profile says "令和3年4月より対局", which seems to mean "playing from April 2021". This would conflict with either the statement by Fairbairn that she was 16 when she won the Y's Academy Cup, or else with the birth date of 2005-01-15 given [ext] here. Fairbairn wrote in August and said that the event had just happened. Her first game on Go4Go is from July. The month of her qualification doesn't seem to be given anywhere.

The Perfect Weiqi Database also has 2005-01-15 as her date of birth. This is the source cited by Wikidata.

The most probable occurrence is that Fairbairn just accidentally wrote 16 when he should've put 17.


Jo was featured in two Chinese language articles on Sohu: [ext] 母亲是对手,日本又一对棋二代, from April 2021, and [ext] 徐文燕:慢性子却有坚强的心, from May.

She answered questions at a Nihon Ki-in event, in a [ext] video published in March 2021 on the 囲碁将棋TV -朝日新聞社- Youtube channel.

Her mother also appeared in all those videos.

She has a [ext] Twitter account, but she hasn't posted anything, besides retweeting a set of photos of Fujisawa Rina with Nakamura Sumire. It's presumably hers as the profile pic is a Go position.

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