Mito Shuhei

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三戸 秀平
b. 2006-07-28

Nihon Ki-in professional
(Kansai branch)
from Okayama Prefecture

Mito qualified on 1 April 2021. This [ext] tweet from 10 March seems to have photos of him with other professionals, perhaps in a pre-promotion ceremony.

As of the beginning of 2022, he's played ten career games and won half of them.

He played in the 3rd Y's Academy Cup.

Mito was featured in a few Japanese language online news articles, which the reader may go in search of if he wishes. In December, he gave an [ext] interview in Japanese.

His 2022 game against Hikosaka Naoto was reviewed by Hane Naoki and afterwards [ext] discussed by John Fairbairn. Mito had said that his strongest suit was positional judgement and his worst was the endgame. He thought his opening and whole-board vision were average. Takao apparently did not agree with Mito's self-assessment, and instead decided the main theme was Mito's predilection to make prophylactic moves (mamori) too early.

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