SGFto Kifu


SGFtoKifu is a program for generating images containing kifu diagrams from SGF files. It is especially useful if you want to print a game you have in this format to review in a real board.

You can download it in the [ext] project home page.

SGFtoKifu doesn't support handicap games yet, it will be the next feature to be implemented.

Gringo: It's stated on the official website, but I'll repeat it: you must install Python and the Python Imaging Library. A thing not included in the readme is that you must copy the font to your Windows fonts directory (C:\WINDOWS\Fonts). This is pretty logical, but I forgot about it and have been fooling around for a long time... Anyway, it's a great program!

mkaatari: It appears to be broken on a modern Linux installation. Even with the said library (PIL) installed it generates errors. And it seems like the program itself haven't been updated in a while, is the development dead?

Mramahi1: Ok, I installed python 2.6 and PIL 1.1.7, but I'm still completely lost. Can I please get some better instructions for someone with little experience in a Command line interface?

[willemien}: Why do you want especially want to use this program? (for windows there is [Drago], SmartGo and many others, and i guess the same for the other platforms. Maybe this program is easier to use than the others because this is only for sgf to kifu while the others can do much more.

but if you really want to use this program:

Start > Run... then you get a box with open type there python kisei.sgf and that should do the trick . (but there can be 2 or 3 snags)

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