Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 4 / Solution

Main line: Hashimoto Utaro
Variations: Dieter


Main line  

After W1, both pairs of points a/b, and c/d, are miai for life.

Follow-up (i)  

For those who have solved or looked at the earlier problems in this series, this line of play will have become familiar. After W5, if Black connects at a, White captures three stones to make a second eye on the first line.

Follow-up (ii)  

After B2 then W3 lives. If black a later on then white b is the only move to ensure two eyes.

It would be a mistake for White to answer B2 at a (next diagram).

Mistake in the follow-up move  

Black turns the corner into ko with the throw-in at B6.


Wrong (i)  

The 1-2 point is not the right spot to make life for this group. After the sequence to W9, Black throws in at B8 to leave White with a big eye.

If W5 at W7, then B6 at B8, and White has only one eye.

Wrong (ii)  

Descending with W1 is also wrong. Black plays hane at B2, making miai of a and b for the kill.

Wrong (iii)  

This W1 may be the hardest one to refute. After B6, White can't play at a because of shortage of liberties. If she captures at b, Black plays at a himself to make the eye false.

Wrong (iv)  

White at W1 here, gives the same result as if White's first mov was played correctly at W3 in this diagram, but White errs with her second move, by answering B4 at W3 (see earlier diagram: Mistake in the follow-up move from the Solution).

White lives in ko, which is not good enough.

    • beginner: in "worng (iv)" white is still alive because after four he can put in 5 like in the diagram below so why does it consider as wrong?
  • Hicham:Black can still start a ko. It is better than completely dead, but still far from alive.
Wrong (iv)  

griffin: 6 makes ko


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