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FusekiLibrary is an opening library for the game of Go.

It consists of two parts:

  1. A general purpose opening library that can be used in various applications. Using pattern matching, it can instantly find a given position in it's database regardless if the board has been rotated or mirrored. The order of moves arriving at the specific position one is looking for is not relevant.
  2. A GTP client (computer player) that uses the opening library. It is intended to be used as a study aid. You can use it when reviewing your own games or explore popular lines of play. It uses GoGui specific commands in order to display the search results for the user.

FusekiLibrary can be found here: [ext] http://fusekilibrary.sourceforge.net/

Koks : Another nice Fuseki program, :), especially it's free. Thanks for hard work. You reckon it needs locale?

Yes, it could probably use localization. But since there isn't much information to translate it wouldn't add much value besides more work for me, and I don't want that :-)

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