Gender Discrimination in Go


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Table of contents Joanne Missingham with her "Protest Sex Discrimination" fan

Observations that give rise to the question of "Is there sex discrimination in the Go community?"

  1. In some countries, there are championships open to women only; for example Japan's Women's Honinbo, Women's Meijin, Women's Kisei.

Actual Observations

  1. There are fewer female go players than male go players.
  2. There are fewer female go professionals than male go professionals.
  3. In a single instance, the 2nd Qiandeng Cup played in August 2011, six female professionals were invited despite not meeting "prize money won" requirements. After some of them learned that the male players who did meet the requirement, received game fees, they wanted to receive game fees as well. Having been denied said fee, the female players who had not yet cancelled their registration withdrew from the tournament. Afterwards, Hei Jiajia ("Joanne Missingham") wrote the fan pictured above (see article), though ostensibly not to protest the fact that the six women received preferential treatment with respect to their invitations.
  4. Pro commentary on Japanese and Korean TV is traditionally an act of male explainer and female assistant.[1]


  1. Inequality of outcome is not evidence of discrimination.
  2. Inequality of opportunity is evidence of discrimination.


  1. There are many data sets readily available for further inquiry: professional results[2], European Go Database and AGA Go Database.


In professional tournaments and title matches, there is no indication of discrimination against women. Women are free to enter all professional tournaments under the same qualifying conditions as men. There are tournaments reserved for women only. Accordingly, these tournaments constitute discrimination against men by precluding them from an opportunity to win the associated honors and prize money.

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[1] Example: [ext] [2] Example sources:, [ext]

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