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Velobici: Can anyone describe what Dynamic means regarding Go? The concept is one that eludes me. In the example from A Dictionary of Modern Fuseki -- The Korean Style, W2 and W6 appear to me to be poorly placed as B3, B5, and B7 undercut the two whites stones development. The two white stones are limited in development along the top as well due to Black's star point stone in the upper right. Combining these two considerations with white stones in the lower right floating makes the opening good for Black. But why is this called dynamic.

Bob McGuigan: Dynamic to me means active rather than static; energetic or forceful; or related to change or process. All of this seems relevant to go. Maybe I'd include flexible, which is also a characteristic of some go positions.

pwaldron: My understanding of a "dynamic" opening is one in which Black is maintaining the full value of his first-move advantage and gets to dictate the pace of the game. Rather than being able to develop stones according to his own plans, White is forced to respond to Black. Although the position may be even, one gets the feeling that White is going to have to struggle to keep up with Black.

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