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Here are a few options if you want to print Go diagrams from a game record.

  • GoWrite GOWrite 2.2 has significant updates for printing: Print Wizard for setting up multi-diagram printing easily, and improved printing layout including 1-3 columns.
  • The print option in CGoban produces images or pdf-files,. Drawback: but skips moves in previously occupied spots.
  • Gobase has an online function available: sgf2misc [ext] here. For very pretty high resolution diagrams (and correct ko notation) select postscript output. For printing .ps files on windows, you can use ghostscript and gsview, both freely downloadable [ext] here. An older version of sgf2misc is also available for download, but it's not easy to set up on windows.
  • In Smart Go turn on 'Number All Moves' and 'Show Diagram Caption'. It produces diagrams and includes under the stones moves in the caption. Additionally, you can set up search criteria and export diagrams for each result to EPS or PDF. Example: [ext] http://www.smartgo.com/Shusaku.pdf
  • Sgf2dg (formerly sgf2tex) from Daniel Bump. There are many options. You can print variations. (dead link [ext] http://match.stanford.edu/bump/go.html)
  • Latest beta of MultiGo gives printouts too. Drawback: it's only for Windows.
  • Drago
  • Go Printer

For Senseiís recommendations, see the discussion page.

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