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SL enables to include diagrams with simple text conventions presented in any Edit page and fully described in HowDiagramsWork. To make the creation of diagrams even easier, Drago features a dialog to export what you see in the goban, or part of the goban, into a diagram formatted with SL conventions.

The Export position... dialog

The Export position... dialog enables to:

  • select a rectangular zone on the goban
  • define dimensions
  • choose a graphic or text format
  • set some options
  • and export the content of the rectangle in the goban to the clipboard or a file with the selected format.

Take a look at the preview: (page is gone)

Available formats

They are:

  • WMF, GIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, ASCII for and Sensei'Library

Opening the Export position... dialog

Done through the File>Export position... menu.

Selecting a rectangular zone on the goban

Drag the cursor from one corner to the opposite corner of the rectangular zone on the goban. The selected area is displayed as a thumbnail in the dialog.

Creating SL diagram

Select the ASCII format and push the "+" button to open the format option box to set the ASCII mode on SL. To get the diagram, press the "Clipboard" button and copy the content of clipboard in your SL page.

The example of HowDiagramsWork page

If you see and select the following position in Drago:

After copying in clipboard, you will get the following text diagram:

$$ . . . . . . . . .
$$ . 0 . . . . . a .
$$ 1 2 . X . O . b .
$$ . . . . . . . c .
$$ . C . B . W . . .
$$ . . . . . . . x .
$$ . S . # . @ . y .
$$ . . . . . . . z . the next figure:



You should get in SL the content of Drago thumbnail with some limitations:

  • SL admits only the following marks: letter a-z, circle and square.
  • SL displays only move numbers from 1 to 10.

Herman Hiddema: The latest version of SL supports larger numbers (up to 99).

Display of move numbers

SL enables to create diagrams with moves numbered from 1 to 10. To export SL diagrams with numbered moves using Drago, the rule is simple: "what you see is what you get". More clearly, if you see a stone numbered between 1 and 10 on Drago goban, you will get the number in the SL diagram. Keep in mind they are a lot of possibilities to see a number on a stone with Drago:

  • To see all move numbers, set the "Show last move" option to "All" in the Options>Moves dialog.
  • If you use the "As books" option, you can insert figure (FG property) and move renumbering (MN property) with the Edit>Insert>Others dialog.
  • If you use the "As board" option, you can use only the MoveNumber property.
  • You can put a string label on a stone. If the label is a number between 1 and 10, it will be seen in the SL diagram.
  • At last, the "Number" markup enables to input directly on a stone a label equal to the stone number.

unkx80 tutorial

As a validation test for the export to SL function, here are the diagrams generated with Drago from the first section of [ext] unkx80 tutorial. Could be completed with the comments... (hello unkx80!)

Figure 2  
Figure 3  
Figure 4  
Figure 5  
Figure 6  
Figure 7  
Figure 8  
Figure 9  
Figure 10  
Figure 11  
Figure 12  
Figure 13  
Figure 14  

Result of the test

  • Unlucky: SL doesn't handle TRiangle property. I replaced them with CiRcles.
  • Could be fine to insert as title the content of NodeName property.

How to deal with coordinates?

You can cause a diagram to show coordinate markers by putting "c" after the dollar signs on the first line: "$$c". The "c" must follow the color indicator ("B" or "W"), if present: "$$Bc".

This is missing in the current version and will be fixed in the next one (3.00, should come soon now).

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