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Release DGS 1.20 (2018-Nov-01)

see [ext] Release notes DGS 1.20.x

Done 1 item from wishlist:

  • Formatting, Layout, Hyperlinking: <,move> links to the move in the current game and expand to a simple form e.g. *#3*. It is tedious and error-prone to refer to moves in the current game ("this" game) by having to type <game xxxxxx, move> after having to look up what the current game is.
    • JUG this proposal makes a strange syntax, possible alternatives: <move num> or a special arg for current game like <game C,move>
      • axd how about a simple <move#>? e.g. <52>, or <#52>.
    • JUG(developer) move-tag added, though only on game-page for move-messages (will be implicitly replaced with corresponding game-tag)
      • axd although <move NN> has been implemented, this is NOT completely what is being requested in this feature. the current implementation (v1.19.12) now expands in-game move links to "normal" move links that are not different from move links into other games. A link into the current game should not oblige the reader to read the entire link to see that it is in fact a link into the current game! It makes games comments more difficult to read.
        Example: "Go: alex (W) vs. Ziggy Maes (B), Move #47" should read "#47".
        • JUG(developer, 21-Apr-2019) special syntax with only move text has been added <game gid#num>. Implemented in 1.20.2

Release DGS 1.19 (2014-Oct-29)

see [ext] Release notes DGS 1.19.x

Done 4 items from wishlist:

  • Mr Cat: [ext] running average in rating graph
  • game-page (current-game): possibility to stay at the same page after move
    • JUG(developer, 11-Aug-2008) after making a move the page-flow goes to next game in which it's your turn to make a move. In that sense there is no "same page" any more. (... some nonsense ...) In Eriks words, it would "bloat" the game-page with additional buttons needed for such a functionality. So not done.
    • JUG(developer, 11-Jun-2009, 16-Jun-2012) Adding a button would be "bloat"; Had it once implemented but run into difficulties with it. It would need some non-intuitive handling to skip-to-the-next game (dependent on the order). Also it's hard to find a good reason why this would be required (game-played, then watching it again!?)
    • JUG(developer, 31-Dec-2014) Added button configurable in user-profile with release 1.19.1; (see also [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=41382#41425)
  • axd: fix the limited beef indentation (see [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=39593&xterm=indent#39639)
    • JUG(developer) Indent has been increased from 15 to 25
  • axd: game-page: option to choose location of opponent message: top/bottom, default bottom (with the idea that most probably once the setting is discovered, the message pane is moved to the top of the goban, but meanwhile the player will know about the existence of messages). reason: for some odd - probably ergonomical - reason, many newcomers fail to read the opponent messages, possibly because it is out of view, too far away or other reason. I also noticed that in at least one case, the message was out of view because the user did not maximize his browser window: (s)he scrolled the window to see the goban, and forgot about the message. ([ext] thread)
    • JUG(developer, 14-May-2015) Implemented in 1.19.7

Release DGS 1.0.17 (2014-Mar-27)

see [ext] Release notes DGS 1.0.17

Done 1 item from wishlist:

Release DGS 1.0.16 (2013-Aug-11)

see [ext] Release notes DGS 1.0.16

Done 4 items from wishlist:

  • axd: add the navigation panel to the message being replied to (top/pre/bot/first) when editing/replying (allows to jump e.g. to the parent of the message being replied to)
  • Formatting, Layout, Hyperlinking: <,move> links to the move in the current game and expand to a simple form e.g. *#3*. It is tedious and error-prone to refer to moves in the current game ("this" game) by having to type <game xxxxxx, move> after having to look up what the current game is.
    • JUG this proposal makes a strange syntax, possible alternatives: <move num> or a special arg for current game like <game C,move>
      • axd how about a simple <move#>? e.g. <52>, or <#52>.
    • JUG(developer) move-tag added, though only on game-page for move-messages (will be implicitly replaced with corresponding game-tag)
      • axd this feature has only partially been implemented (the game move link is present, but it still expands to a "normal" URL. Example: "Go: alex (W) vs. Ziggy Maes (B), Move #47" should read "#47")
  • General: axd: clear the rated games checkbox if one of the players has no rating
  • chrisg: Tournaments - to get to know and play other players. (see also [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=7662)
    • JUG(developer) ladder-tournaments implemented, round-robin started (but not finished yet)

Release DGS 1.0.15 (2012-Jun-08)

see [ext] Release notes DGS 1.0.15

Done 55 items from wishlist:

  • <goban> tag in forums (and messages) to include game-boards
    • JUG(developer) <igoban>-tag can be used already
  • Waiting room: [ext] #F: OneWeirdDude: How about limiting the number of separate games a person can put in the waiting room; even better, if a person tries to exceed the limit, he/she can be told, "If you want more of the same game, why not just change the number?" or something. see [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=31090#31396
  • General Game Stuff: Downgrade game from rated to unrated (agreement of both players); chrisg: [ext] Change Settings+
    • JUG(developer, 14-Mar-2012): possible for game-admin for "emergencies", but it will not be added as regular feature as it can lead to "friction" (it can be abused if a player fears to lose, asks for it, will be denied, and is annoyed). Rated-status is part of the game-contract, which should not be changeable so easily.
    • JUG(developer, 17-Sep-2012): moved from /not-impl sub-page as it's partly implemented
  • Forums: headers of flat view of a topic should contain the <new> indicator (if applicable), and the date/time of the message
    • JUG(developer, 07-Oct-2007) there is no longer a "flat view" (only a threaded view). Message date is shown on every post.
    • JUG(developer, 17-Sep-2012) reconsidered implementing this by introducing an optional flat-view of the thread-post-view of the forums
  • Other Interfaces: Some kind of programmatic interface so we can introduce custom clients and bots! Perhaps something in plain text or XML.
  • axd: possibility to [ext] reject wins, [ext] reject a win+: what's the point of winning games due to opponent time outs if it is obvious the opponent is not accessing the server any more?
  • axd: users-list: to find recent registrations (or in a specific range), add column "registration date"
  • Gabaux: Ratings: Display the players position in the user-list (ordered by rating).
  • axd: [ext] ko indication
    • uxs: Solution: game notes to remind yourself that you're fighting a ko.
      • Rodival(developer)[1] Game notes are implemented.
      • axd: I'd rather call this a workaround...
        A nice little square or something (like on KGS) would be nice... and useful if DGS eventually introduces superko.
        • OneWeirdDude: A "ko marker" might be nice, yes, but it's almost redundant: you get an error message for trying to play there, anyway. I also like the idea of the superko rule, but mightn't it strain the server's resources?
        • ErikE?: It's not redundant if your opponent just threw in (without capturing). The lack of a square helps avoid the mistake of assuming you can't take the ko when it's not a ko (until you capture the first time).
    • JUG(developer) implemented idea of last-capture-mark: see [ext] mark last capture. For longer sequences where a ko is involved, the private-game-notes should be used.
  • Liso: default preferences for inviting I like to have... (e.g. Fisher time 36h, 90 day, rated, not weekend clock, etc...) But I am not sure if it has to be opponent or user oriented :) (I prefer user who invite..., but probably opponent could have denied option - I mean automatically refuse invitation with main time less than 10 days, strength diff bigger than 1000 rating points, etc... )
    • JUG(developer) Configuring some verifications for receiving invitations is not implemented like that, because a GUI for that would be quite complex (probably even more than an invitation itself) and there are too many ways that would be required to limit and control ranges or manage the workflow for rejecting unwanted prefs.
      However a template-feature has been implemented allowing to store invitations, that should allow having some "default-preferences" on the sending side.
  • Status-page: add the number of games in HTML page title (can be used in tabbed browsers to check if a game is available)
    • misomosi?: in [ext] page-title of status-page show number of running games to move in; for a visible check using browser-based auto-refresh
    • Phelan: display the number of games in the title (which is shown in the tab title in many browsers), so that a user doesn't need to actually see the page to know some games are waiting for him/her. The title text should include the number first like "No go game pending"/"2 go games pending", etc.+
      • OneWeirdDude: When a player has running games, but none are his/her turn, refresh every minute or five or something.
    • JUG(developer, 01-Feb-2009) There is a quick-status functionality and RSS-feed possible already, that can be used to alert a player of games to move in:
      • also see [ext] Add-Ons for DGS
      • How many games there are should be easy to comprehend by having a look on the status-page.
      • Simple using bandwidth because it's there (for auto-refreshing) is against providers policy.
      • Showing the number of games in the page title as indicator when there are games to play will too easily lead to use auto-refreshing functionality, which is a discouraged behaviour when too excessively used. It would be a waste and imbalance (for other users) of server-resources to load the complete status-page just to be able to see a single number.
      • Another, but minor dropback: also bookmarking the page would then contain a changing number.
    • JUG(developer, 09-Nov-2011) reconsidered implementing this as discouraging auto-refreshing can be solved using caching, and the change was not big
  • Liso: (probably also during game) "button/link" to rematch. (I mean automatically generated invitation with same settings after click on "button/link")
  • Invite: see what changed when receiving (and maybe also when sending) an invitation Dispute.
  • Game End: include invitation messages (greetings, dispute messages) in game comments
    • JUG(developer) not included directly, but invitation/initial-message is viewable/linked in game-info-page, so are available
  • OneWeirdDude: For even games, the option to use one of the Fair Komi described herein. For, as it stands, a Komi that's too far off a legitimate value will not be appealing to anyone, because if, say, the komi's 100, then the nigiri itself will usually determine the winner.
  • Ability to load a game from SGF. This would be useful for shape games and teaching from Go problems. See [ext] DGS discussion
    • Game from a setup position
    • chrisg: [ext] Resume won game (as unrated). Sometimes a game times out, and it would be interesting to see what would have happened.
      • JUG(developer) that could be done using 'load a game from SGF'-feature above (if implemented)
    • axd: during a game, a link/button [ext] generates a variation submitted to the opponent as a new game invitation. to avoid misuse, possibly restrict to rated games so the new game counts as a separate result and people do not generate scores of useless games. this feature is not meant to be used to study variations (although it could be used for that).
      • JUG(developer) could also be done using 'load a game from SGF'-feature above (if implemented); though preferred would be "simple" shapes, not variations started from games, because a new shape must be saved for that (which could clutter the available shape-game-patterns)
  • Option of disabling button graphics, using pure text instead.
  • Gabaux: Display the points behind the rating.
    • JUG(developer) shown as hover-text over rating with link to rating-graph
  • Add admin code to change a players rating (from DGS todo-list)
  • Rengo functionality - [ext] Pair Go
    • BenAxelrod: Be able to play on a Rengo team from your own account. (you would only get move notifications if it is your turn)
    • BenAxelrod: Your name will automatically be added to the SGF on every move you make. The personal game comments should not allow talk between the team members. The game message system should either be locked, or each message should persist for 4 moves so that everyone can see them.
    • timan72: I don't think it is important to restrict the communiction between the players of a team, because if they choose to communicate, they will always find a way to do so. OK, communication between the team's players is not the original idea of Pair Go, but it is great for spiking up interesting discussions with your team mate, producing great fun. I play Pair Go on DGS, but right now it is very inconvenient because I have to change to the extra Pair-Go-DGS-account which my friend and me set up for team play. We have to keep track of whose move it is by hand, using the private notes. This way I really miss an email notifaction when it is really my time to make a move.
  • forum-search: filter for new messages only
    • JUG(developer, 30-May-2010) This has been moved from the /NotImplemented sub page (old notes included):
      • JUG(developer, 28-Sep-2008, 21-Feb-2009) It's a rather limited use to search only in new messages, though it was probably requested to have a way to see "new" (=unread) messages. Besides that it would need a (very) complex query for such a search with additional recalculations on the thread-reads.
    • JUG(developer) Searching for the most recent forum posts is possible though (but without a marker if that is new or an already read post), see [ext] search for most recent forum posts
  • mass download of one's finished games, as on KGS (for admin only) - possible on request
    • JUG(developer) keep in mind, that large downloads will take quite some server-resources as the SGF-data has to be generated on the fly and is not stored as SGF-file on the server
  • Status-games: sorting status-games by remaining time:
  • Status-games: sorting status-games by priority:
    • Frs: add an editable "priority" column (with sort option)
    • axd: players can manage a [ext] priority value for each of their ongoing games: an integer value (can be positive, zero or negative) that can be used to group games according to arbitrary user-defined categories (so this can act as a generic sorting mechanism). This prioritizes games (implemented as a priority queue) when using the "Submit and go to next game" button (highest priorities first), as well as when listing the running games. A default value of 0 will make the mechanism transparent for users that do not use it. Additionally, a separate page (link) presents the sorted list and allows to reorganize the current priorities of all running games (similar to the List of Watched Pages).
      • JUG(developer) bulk-updates not done. Single prio-updates on game-info page to avoid cluttering game-page.
  • Status-games: Possibility to order games by (Status page at the present, sorted on "first moved first" basis):
    • [ext] jbrod: possibility to sort games on status page
    • number of moves (to get rid of almost-finished games)
    • JUG(developer) a sort on the game on the status page must also be bound to "showing next game" on the game page. So ordering needs special handling and is constrained to very few criteria. It's also NOT using the standard ordering used for tables.
  • Finished games: axd: add a link to game comments if there are hidden comments.
    • if a game contains hidden comments, mention this in the server message. otherwise people will never know about their existence. Hidden comments are valuable information that should be presented to the opponent, not for him/her to discover by accident.
  • Status page: axd: make the message list accessible via a link that is only shown when there are messages waiting, this to make the status page as small as possible.
  • Server stats: distribution of nationalities
  • axd: sort running games: add opponent's time left. rationale: I don't want to be surprised by a sudden game end because my opponent doesn't have time left (yes, some opponents sometimes deserve more time, and I don't want to scan all my games just to check their time left.)
    • JUG(developer, 03-Oct-2010) oppontents remaining time is shown on my-running-games list; however, it's not sortable (would require some bad calculations to be made in a database-query)
  • Running games: remaining time column. note: this value will probably change all the time when it is the users turn to move. maybe replace this column by a projected end time (suggest " ends at yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm") when the user is at turn, and the true time remaining (which is then frozen) when the user is not at turn.
    • Rodival(developer) "ends at yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm" is a good idea but what about byo-yomi?
    • JUG(developer) remaining time is fine as it is, switching displays is not very intuitive. However here is an [ext] interesting discussion about byoyomi with the remaining time stuff.
    • JUG(developer, 19-Jul-2009) added my/opponent remaining time on my-running-games view
  • Messages: with a message, add a link/button to generate its complete thread (with, if possible, downstream bifurcations when someone replies multiple times to a message). Similar to the "comments" link in games, the idea is that when chatting with someone, there is no easy way to review the entire thread other than by jumping from one message to its reply.
  • Opponents: a link that directly leads to a filtered list of the games i had with a specific opponent. see [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=17759 jbrod
  • axd: to improve browsing listings (finished games, users, messages?), listings allow to jump to a specific page (now, there is only "next page","previous page" links); listing header shows number of records to have an idea of quantity; records are numbered (column can be hidden).
    • JUG(developer, 07-Jun-2009) This has been moved from the /NotImplemented sub page (old notes included):
      • JUG(developer, 05-Aug-2007, 12-Aug-2007) this will not be done: It's putting too much load on the database-server to get this information. The first database query is the normal one showing only the extract part you see (e.g. 20 rows out of 1000). A second query, then would be needed to make a count of how many records would match that condition. So only to show the additional number of how many pages there are in total would double the server-load for a particular query. The cost-benefit ratio is too bad to justify that feature. See also [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=13147
    • JUG(developer) This feature has been implemented on an experimental basis to evaluate how big the additional load on live-server will be. If it's bringing too much load with it, it could be, that the feature will be disabled soon after the release.
      • The feature could not be enabled for all tables, because it doesn't work correctly with UNION-database-queries. There is a way to switch off the UNION-queries, but this would first need additional performance-tests if the non-UNION-queries are fast enough (I doubt that).
      • Jump to specific page not implemented, but added navigational links to first and last-page along with the information how many entries and pages are found.
      • Numbering the records is only done on very few tables (users, tournament participants) at first; also the column can not be hidden at the moment.
  • User info: about night or sleep time:
    • show whether the user is within his playing hours (to get a rough idea of currently available players); e.g. show "3.5 hours before sleep" (so he is eligible for playing), or "7 hours before wake up" (so probably he is asleep);
    • some flag/column/checkmark that shows if the user is (supposed to be) asleep/awake
    • "sleeping"-marker (text or icon), also in game-page, see [ext] How about something indicating sleep-time is on?
    • JUG(developer) show when user is in sleeping time, user localtime can be viewed in userinfo
  • Liso:user info pictures -> possibility to add pictures to your homepage (or other web pages) like rattinggraph, for to indicate if u are open for matches, ... (or image "invite me" or "dont invite me in this moment", "on vacation", etc...)
    • Avatars! Very tiny graphics to make it easy to recognize who is who. It's not easy if you're bad at remembering names.
    • JUG(developer) Added one optional picture on user-info page (support for GIF, JPEG, PNG formats)
  • willemien: [ext] add more info on scoring step
  • [ext] jbrod: add my start rating column to the list of my running games.
  • [ext] jbrod: add my start/end rating column to the list of my finished games.
  • some indication for those games that I am also also observing ("observed?" column)
    • JUG(developer) Check games-list for "Games I'm observing"; adding a "observed"-column on the other games-list views creates to heavy queries.
      Additionally added a separate view in games-list to "Show all observed games".
  • Current game: jc: show game start time
  • Current game: show the weekend clock setting
  • Users: allow to [ext] mark computer players (go robots) in users- and waiting-room list
    • JUG(developer) admin can mark user as pro, teacher and/or robot
  • Liso: Reduced handicap (see RankAndHandicap)
    • OneWeirdDude: I'd like to add to that. Have the ability to limit your Handicaps, like to 9 for full size, or 5 for 9x9. Thus, if we're 20 ranks apart, we'd get Handicap 9 (and maybe the option to unrate the game), and if we're using Proper Handicap feature, Black would also get over 100 points of reverse komi.
    • JUG(developer) Komi adjustment not included, but added handicap-stones adjustment (+/-) and min/max-limitation. Mixed compensation for handicap-stones/komi makes a complex GUI, esp. if combined with "unrated"-option on certain conditions. Let's take one step (enhancement) at a time with new-game options and go from there. => Invitations can be used for more sophisticated game-setups.
  • Frs: user-defined default sort order in waiting-room (e.g. by rating)
    • JUG(developer) possible now by saving default search-profile
  • a current handicap and komi indication (proper + conventional) is shown when browsing a user info
    • Rodival(developer) This will not be added in each user info page because this need too much computations. But this is already added when you invite the user... with a proper or conventional handicap. (axd: ?)
      • JUG(developer) Rating calculation also needs "size", which is not available in user-info. To axd: it was shown when "receiving" an invitation or dispute, but it was not shown on the page where to setup a new game invitation.
    • JUG(developer) implemented for new game-invitation on "preview", if opponent entered and both players are rated.
  • option to stay in the folder while moving messages
  • [ext] Synchronize move-numbering of DGS and downloaded SGF
    • JUG(developer) The discrapency of DGS-move-numbering and SGF-move-numbering can't be completly removed, but the flow of moves has been synchronized better (PASS-moves included, extra PASS-move for score-step and better RESUME-handling).
      On the DGS game-page the (most likely) SGF-move-number is printed near the view-moves-list and setup-moves (like placing handicap-stones) are marked in the view-moves-list.
  • dayne: Simple (to parse/rss) status page that just says a user has or does not have waiting games -- but would be available for public viewing (no password required). would allow me to have my IRC bot announce to the channel when one of many of our players had a game waiting for them (and I would not have to have their password to implement this): [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=24015
  • axd: replace default '???' for empty subject by some more neutral phrase such as "(no subject)". now, the '???' gives the impression that the sender is highly surprised, which is usually not the case.
    • JUG(developer) added warning in preview for new message. '???' not replaced in existing messages. The default is entered into the database instead of an empty subject.
  • Forum-List: dmwit: put a New indicator on the list of forums as well as the list of threads
    • JUG(developer) added NEW-flag on forum- and thread-list views
  • Mr. Cat: show warning when terms cannot be located by a DGS Fulltext-Search because they are stopwords: [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=5&thread=20287#20330
  • game-page: mprice42: [ext] resign during opponent's turn
  • game-page: [ext] preview of game messages (e.g. to check if HTML markup works as expected)
    • OneWeirdDude: Preview game messages, because they can use HTML.
    • OneWeirdDude: Preview comments before posting - like for example to make sure that sensei's and student's comments have proper "comment" tags.
  • Status-page:
    • make the display of my user Status block on the Status page optional. this to make the [ext] running games window/list as small as possible.
    • [ext] jbrod: make the status block adjustable. for example i would like to undisplay my name (i know it by heart and it does not change too often) and see the number of running games here.
    • JUG(developer) reduced the user-info on status-page to one line as page-header, containing user-reference (handle + username) and rating-reference (current rating); vacation-info remains in table (if on vacation)
  • Gogino: possibility to [ext] delete a game during opponent's turn if not more than 10 moves have been made. There are many threads about this: [ext] 1, [ext] 2, [ext] 3, [ext] 4, ...
    • imho: i would like to delete a game in which i have already placed a stone but the opponent not, it would be useful when i realize that the opponent was "spaming"
  • Mr. Cat: waiting room (standard handicap as default) [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=14220
  • User info: about adding user's timezone, night time:
    • add user's timezone, [ext] GMT offset
    • JUG(developer) timezone, a players local time and night-start is now shown on user-info-page, so the above data for a specific player can be looked up there.

Release DGS 1.0.14 (2008-Dec-14)

see [ext] Release notes DGS 1.0.14

  • Mostly administrative functions, optimizations and bugfixes
  • Other interfaces for custom-clients and bots (quick-play suite): Comment tag in quick_play.php to allow a client to return comments with a move. This would be useful for the anDGS client.

Release DGS 1.0.13 (2007-Oct-07)

see [ext] Release notes DGS 1.0.13

Done 20 items from wishlist:

  • chrisg: Ability to add time during a game. [ext] Change Settings
    (like "add more time") - this is especially useful in the absence of vacation that works correctly.
  • Mr Cat: country flag in waiting room games
  • profile-settable number of lines per screen listings (I'd like to have more lines per screenful for messages, search functions, running games, finished games...)
    • JUG(developer) done as global setting, can be temporarily overruled on pages with table-listings. But be aware, that using more lines is not recommended as global setting, because loading more lines at once also increases the server-load overall. MUCH preferred is to use a global small rows setting like 10 or 20 rows and change it locally at the table listing to show more table rows.
  • kea: [ext] matches versus you show the games you played against the browsed user (also [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=7899)
    • JUG(developer) done on devel-server by searching in your running/finished game-list
  • some way to reorder fields in the bio page
  • Rellik A friend page or a list of favorite users
    • JUG(developer) done (as Contacts)
  • similar to game notes, add a user notes field to record personal/private (i.e. not visible to other users) user-related information on a user (e.g. strong/weak points, habits, birthday, ...).
    • add a small free text field in the user info to give opponents an indication of availability (e.g. asleep, away, be right back...) the field should be a column in the running games and visible in the user info related pages.
      • JUG(developer) userinfo shows fields provided by user (or info managed by server). Putting user-notes in games pages makes not big sense (10 games with one user would show 10 times the same user-notes and 2nd would bloat the table). user-notes are displayed on separate contacts page.
    • also see [ext] http://dragongoserver.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?forum=1&thread=397 allowing to set a note on user
    • JUG(developer) contacts (private user list) is implemented allowing an additional private note on users
  • [ext] list of the user's outstanding game invitations
    • JUG(developer) done (only on messages not already deleted)
  • Frs: Users: search form, e.g. search users by rating, country etc.
  • Frs: Users: alias links, e.g. ../users/rating/18k for users around 18 kyu or ../users/country/de for users from Germany (de)
    • JUG(developer) search for rating done: added filter on rating/rank and country
  • Users: hyperlink Running and Finished fields of each user to corresponding pages
    • JUG(developer) done link from user-info (Running/Finished/Rated/Won/Lost games) into game-list
  • It would be nice to be able to jump in the alphabetized list of all users to those whose names start with "J" or with "S".
    • JUG(developer) done, though no browsing from there, but filtering/restricting the list
  • Forum: search/filter N days ago (not only multiples of 30) - replace the drop-down by a input, defaulted to 30 (0 = search all?)
  • Forum Thread-List: replying in an old thread should keep the whole thread in its recent (new) position; currently, the New indicator sends the thread floating on top, but then the whole thread get sorted back somewhere deep in the thread list even when not applying "Mark All Read".
    • JUG(developer) This should be the case (maybe earlier to this release)
  • benni: Search in finished games. For example show only games of one opponent.
    • JUG(developer) done: possible for own games, can search on all games by B- or W-opponent
  • column headers should not be significally wider than their content (e.g. H instead of "Handicap") to avoid lists requiring a lot of screen estate +mAsterdam
    • JUG(developer) done in this release: the translators can choose "shorter" texts for the table headers
  • axd: Sorting: column headers show the sort order number if involved in the sorting.
    • JUG(developer) done, showed as dark blue (1st sort) and light blue arrow (2nd sort)
  • axd: [ext] general table/list filtering mechanism: cells have a '+' (keep) and a '-' (exclude) link. in case of floats, '-' keeps everything lower than the value in the cell, '+' everything equal/above it. column headers additionally present an edittext to allow to enter simple constants (or regexps for strings) to keep/exclude data.
  • sort finished games by score: (example) highest wins -> win by time -> win by resign -> jigo -> lose by resign -> lose by time -> worst losses. idea is to group games for further analysis.
    • JUG(developer) similar done: added filter on score
  • axd: when sorting users by rating, discard the fractional part: this allows to group ratings, and specify additional criteria for further sorting.

Release DGS 1.0.12 (2006-Aug-13)

see [ext] Release notes DGS 1.0.12

Done 26 items from wishlist:

  • BenAxelrod: Last 4 moves will be marked. See: [ext] highlight the N last moves
  • option for mandatory use of standard Hoshi when inviting/waiting room (and server automatically assigns the moves)+-
  • anon: to be able to reply to game results message with reply going to former opponent.
  • [ext] highlight the N last moves+; as a workaround, display the last N moves just below the board (the moves pane is far too deep, I need to scroll there to see the moves)
    • Rodival(developer) Added *Move numbering* option
  • [ext] Game notes for personal use: strategy, reminders, etc...+ ... (see also [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=6072, [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=4206)
    • uxs: I implemented game notes, so they will probably be available at the next server update.
    • Rodival(developer) Added *Game notes* by uxs.
  • [ext] to quickly find back comments, either/or/and
    • flag commented moves (e.g. by highlight, bold, underline, dunno...) in the move list;
    • provide a link to generate a HTML page with all comments of the game
  • [ext] tiptext show coordinates/move number if occupied/comments (and/or...)
    • Rodival(developer) Tiptext added with coordinates.
  • axd: file names of downloads should have the game ID instead of the current date (see also [ext] Discussion)
    • Rodival(developer)Added the game ID with the date.
  • arkuat: [ext] "rated" column
  • RSS feed of the status page.
  • Frs: option to hide unacceptable game offers (e.g. unsuitable rating, time limits, board size)
    • trainbow2: display only those games for which I am eligible and/or interested in
  • possibility to mark all messages in a folder with one click or to move unmarked messages instead of marked ones (or possibility to invert/complement the current selection)
  • possibility to reply to opponent when game is finished.
    • Rodival(developer) This is done whith some links at the end of the page of finished games.
  • axd: [ext] Wiki-like hyperlink substitution of references to DGS objects (users, games, moves, messages/threads), to avoid having to type the complete HTML syntax (error-prone and used often). example: <game_12345>, <user_3201>, <message_...>, <move_225> (or <game_12345_move_332> ?)
  • similar to SLShortcutKeys, make extensive use of the [ext] HTML <a> tag's 'accesskey' attribute to give rapid access to buttons and links on pages
    • Rodival(developer) accesskey are added.
  • jfc: include messages that are sent with moves during a game as comments in the SGF record. It is really tedious to have to step through the game on DGS to find old messages!
    • Rodival A "SGF with owned comments" link is done.
  • WillerZ: Option to demand challenging user has a real ranking, i.e. not (0%)
    • dmwit: Option to demand a certain number of finished (rated) games
    • adammarquis: What would a "real rating" be? You could naturally arrive at 0% after even many games, there isn't anything special about that point except that you start there. Dmwit's solution would work, though, either as a user setting (let people with n+ rated games join) or as something complex like KGS's confidence algorithm.
    • dmwit: Even worse, players can easily start with a rating that is not 0% by entering, for example, a KGS rating and having DGS translate it for them.
      • JUG the 0% is not an indicator for a "real" ranking
    • Rodival(developer) Added a clearly separated *number of rated games* in the users' info page. A least, you have the real info ;)
  • show stones killed in previous move (in a discrete way, use small 'x' crosses, or red dots?)
    • Rodival(developer) Added *Move numbering* option
  • Frs: add a [ext] "remaing time" column
    • Remaining-time columns has been added (without sorting)
  • forum overview page: put 'Last Post' in its own column to avoid the jaggy appearance; reduce width of forum name column to free up screen space
  • Razorflame: message edit feature before submitting it
    • Rodival(developer) preview implemented
  • indication: who's next to play
    • Rodival(developer) Added in the colour column.
  • Hyperlinking: get rid of the <a href="">..</a> syntax, suggest < targetURL | name > instead, where 'name' is optional and the '|' is then used to separate name from targetURL. If targetURL is preceded by a '_' character, add the "target=_blank" tag.
    • Rodival(developer) Actually on Dragon, you have <http:...>. Use: "name:<targetURL>". This is nearly the same. "target=_blank" is done on the development server
  • Either a default preference (in user profile) for having the game comments stored in the SGF, or maybe radio buttons to paste in the tags. See [ext] DGS FAQ
    • JUG the game comments are included in the SGF when downloading with "Download SGF with all comments"
  • BenAxelrod: More intuitive and easy flagging of game comments for public/private use. [ext] Discussion.
    • JUG(developer) There are: <c>public comments</c>, <h>hidden comments for you & both after the game</h>, normal game messages without tags visible only to the players. Since this release there is an additional "Download SGF with all comments" to include all comments (but only for the players, and hidden only showed after the game finished).
  • Running games: indication/column: opponent is on vacation
    • Rodival(developer)[1] This is already added... but in the game page.

Older Releases DGS 1.0.1 - 1.0.11

see [ext] Release notes DGS 1.0.1 - 1.0.11

DGSWishlist/implemented last edited by JUG on April 25, 2019 - 01:12
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