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To keep the jungle from growing too much, please try to avoid discussions about subjects on the DGSWishlist page: use the [ext] Dragon forum to discuss features.

  • axd: my opinion being we must be grateful SL provides a rather flexible canvas to store user requests, but as DGS still has the forum mechanism, that should be the preferred means to discuss whatever requires discussion, rather than use SL for this: see also KGSForumAtSLDiscussion.

(maybe this should be moved back to a thread in the forum?)

  • axd: Looking forward for your comments!
  • BenAxelrod: I think this is a good idea. It will provide a larger canvas for DGS users to voice their ideas for improvements. It will also allow the DGS developers to put down their notes on how it might be implemented and how hard it might be. This might also spur more people to become DGS developers if they read through these notes.
  • axd: Anyone sees a need for voting features? Maybe this page should not contain too much discussions, to avoid it growing too long. Shall I put a comment at the start of this list to explain that suggestions must be hyperlinked to the corresponding thread in the [ext] forum, and all discussions on the feature must be kept in that thread.
    • BenAxelrod: I have looked at the KGSWishlist and I agree that the comments are distracting. Good idea about making links to the DGS forum... As long as i don't have to do it. ;-) I think votes and comments on this page should be limited to DGS developers.-
  • axd: Maybe suggest to be a SL member when editing this page; as becoming member is very easy, I propose to thoroughly screen any comment made by non-registered users, to enhance the page quality.-
  • Liso: discussion u could anytime to put on other place :) (I hope u will do it if it will be too big (u have right to delete this comment :)
  • Frs: I've removed the ToC from this SL page. I think this page should grow bottom up, not top down. I.e.: The initial structure given by the ToC was very helpful to start this page. (Thank you for it.) But if a suggestion does not fit into a single particular section, I think it is a better idea, that one has only to pay attention to the new entry, and not to changing the ToC too. In other words: Changing the structure of this SL page is easier, if there is no ToC. Until now, this SL page isn't that long (yet), that a ToC is required. However, I like and appreciate the outlined structure. (Thanks again for it. :-)
    • axd:the new SL TOC feature now provides an automatically generated Table Of Content, and also makes the use of headings easier.
  • axd: how about voting for/against features? Some people ;-) started voting while the original idea did not include this. Should this be allowed? Oviously SL provides for a better way to handle votes, but not all DGS users are able to edit SL pages: not very democratic!

DGS Wishlist / Discussion last edited by axd on May 23, 2004 - 01:28
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