Tactical discussion of the diagram titled "Play Firmly"

Play firmly  

KarlKnechtel: Does b really capture the stones?

Play firmly  

tderz: YES. And I prefer capture B over capture A in the original diagram.

I'm not convinced 1: poking out with four liberties  

I suppose that since this diagram is drawn on the edge of the board, it will work eventually. But this certainly doesn't seem like as tight a grip as the geta offers, since that captures after at most three attempts at resistance by White.

I'm (not?) convinced 1: Continuation  

unkx80: Thereafter, Black 5 blocks. White 6 and Black 7 are miai.

I'm not convinced 2: ladder with an extra liberty (squared)  

Now Black is really in trouble, if he does not give up this plan of attack. Seems like White should be able to find some escape here.

I'm not convinced 3  

Now White has both options - a loose ladder with a, or four liberties with b.

Away from the edge  

I think Black can capture even without using the edge. - Migeru

Charles Why? After White a, Black b White can just play c.

Migeru I see. What if Black had a stone at d?

Black even stronger  

Charles It is still no good for Black.

"A" is less firm  

Gregory: I take Kageyama's point to be that b is more firm than a, because if black plays a and white plays b then c and e become cutting points when black plays d.

Cut at e  

For example. Of course whether or not the cuts or cut threats are valuable will depend on the other positions on the board.

Bill: Shouldn't this be a subpage of net vs ladder?

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