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Forced response  

Lithel: I don't think White can win the capturing race here. Playing at B1 forces a play at W2.

White's move, tied for liberties...  

Lithel: After W2, black must play B3 to open up some liberties. Now the White group inside has 3 liberties left, the Black group has 3 liberties as well, and it's White's move, but Black has an additional advantage...

White's move, tied for liberties...  

Lithel: In this situation, playing at a now removes one of White's liberties. Approaching from the top requires the additional move at b though.

Mikesh: How about running at c?

Fail from the bottom  
Fail from the top  

Lithel: So if I'm reading this right, white is dead and black escapes. (B6 at a)

Mikesh: After W3 black may take sente and play elsewhere. White cannot play W5. She has to connect above W3 first. Otherwise B will capture there after W5 is played. So maybe W should take sente after B2 in the first place...

What happens next?  

LukeNine45: Good so far, but what if white extends down like Mikesh suggests?

W still dies  

ChrisSchack: The clamp is the best I can see, 6 at either 7 or 8 are obvious failures ... but it fails anyway on the throw-in.

LukeNine45: I moved this to the solution page.

White's move, tied for liberties...  

LukeNine45: In this situation, from above, what happens if white plays W1?

JoelR: Black plays B2. White cannot play at a, it's self-atari, and if White plays at b, it transposes into "Fail from the top"; Black need not play again.

Black Connects  

ChrisSchack: The clamp is the best I can see, 6 at either 7 or 8 are obvious failures ... but it fails anyway on the throw-in.

LukeNine45: This is what I had in mind and is quite close to what actually happened in the game.

Black Connects con't  

White can't connect because she would still be in atari.

Getting some breath  

togo: Why not doing the key play first, thereby catching two stones? White a can be answered with black b. White b would be sente, but it would be too in the first solution. Also in the first solution white can connect the two marked stones in sente after Black's first play.

2nd solution?  

ichundso?: what about this?

follow up  

ichundso?this is slightly worse because white can now capture this one stone, but it works too i think

ichundso? no, its the same since the marked stone can be captured anyways


Bill: If B1, W2 is sente, threatening to move out. Then W4 saves the two White stones and captures Black's dumpling. W6 is a snapback.

3rd solution?  

mgelo: This could be even better for Black. After 3, both have 3 liberties, but W owes an extra approach move.

xela: This was the first thing that occurred to me when I saw this problem, but it doesn't work. See next diagram.


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