BQM 409

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Invading the 3463 enclosure - Dia 1  
Does B1 defend against the white invasion? - Dia 2  

Tapir: Evidently Black doesn't need the B4 from the first diagram with B1 (in 2nd diagram) in place. But has white another invasion?

KarlKnechtel: Why not allow the cut?

Tapir: At my kyu levels quite often white makes a crosscut with W3 without making much profit out of it. So we should probably discuss the invasions for this enclosure first. The SL page about this is very short. My question is mostly about diagram 2 and the additional effect of B1 for corner safety.

In Dia 3 W3 and W5 are somewhat inconsistent imo. If White lives with Dia 5 (for sure?), a black wall with an obvious cutting point is less thick than the one in Dia 1 - if black defends white lives even in sente.

Hard fight for White (could also play W7 first, but Black will still get a nice wall) - Dia 3  
White takes small right side wall, Black bottom wall and corner - Dia 4  
Life in corner, Black gets a great wall - Dia 5  
Life in corner? - Dia 5a  

Tapir: How has White to defend?

Depending on the situation, Black can also try the clamp/kick:

'a' points are roughly miai - Dia 6  

Bill: You know there are joseki for these invasions. (Not that I know them. ;))

Tapir: Should I learn Joseki now? Actually I just had a query about B1 in Dia 2, but it seems I have to learn a dozen joseki to even start giving an answer... And worse, the said josekis are not available on SL as well :(

Bill: Ah! I see that the first diagram is a diversion. It's diagram 2 you want to know about. Briefly, think probe.


Bill: W1 is usual. B2 is a common response. Then play turns elsewhere. White does not play too close to the corner, now.


Bill: Sometimes you also see this kikashi sequence. Again, White does not play too close after this.

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