BQM 410

    Keywords: Life & Death, Question

AWA (6k): Can this White live? Ko for life does not count.

Life or death?  

This is what was played, more or less. 8 is unneeded, but it is there to show why White is dead. Please answer! Neither I or my opponent could find life, and this is killing me (metaphorically).

Karl Knechtel: Pretty sure both that this dies, and that White's strongest resistance is shown.

White gets a ko  

Andy Pierce: Here's a ko for white. B10 at a takes the ko first.

White does not get a ko?  

Symplicity: What if Black plays a hane directly? Seems ko-less to me now. I think.

Threat to cut  

Dave: I think that if there is a way to live it must use the threat to descend at a, cutting off the Black left. How about this W1, W3, W5? If Black stops White from living at b, can White make a fight out of it after cutting at a?

Threat to cut  
Threat to cut  

AWA: B6 underneath B19

AWA: Seems W does live, unless I made a mistake (Totally possible)


AWA: Or not...

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