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shmolex: I need to write a research paper on Japanese History. The professor said we could pick pretty much anything we wanted, so I'm thinking of writing on the importance of Go in Japanese history from the Heian period to about 1600. Does anyone know of any good sources on Japanese go history, either books or online?

So far, I have "Go! More Than a Game" by Peter Shotwell, but it's very brief in mention of history.


Chris Hayashida: I think the introduction to [ext] Invincible: The Games of Shusaku by John Powers is a good start. I also think there is a good amount of information on, but I don't have any specific pointers.

Hicham: The Go players Almanac has a chapter about history as well, so I would definetely take a look at it.

Bill: That looks like a difficult period to research, as it is before the establishment of the go houses. Good luck!

kokiri - there're some contemporary references in the pillow book of seishonagon which might help give some context.

Bob McGuigan: There is a page here on SL which has some information on pre-1600 Japanese Go History, The game of Go-the national game of Japan. Most of the material seems to be taken from Arthur Smith's book. There is a lot of anecdotal material available here and there. For a research paper I think the problem will be finding authoritative sources to cite.

shmolex: I suppose it would be more practical to go past 1600. I think the class is going until WWII, so I suppose that I can go until that far. Any good sources on the 4 go houses? Thanks to everyone who has helped so far!

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