BQM 241

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(moved from 4-4 point 3-3 invasion)


Unusual Variation  

This is a variation I have been seeing lately. Sometimes instead of 4 I see b. This is exceptionally frustrating since it usually happens when I want to play c. ( Usually because I have some stones nullifying the ponnuki, and am able to make great use of the thickness. I could respond with a but it seems like I've given up more than I had to.

Bill: W4 is plainly kikasare. Suppose that Black does continue at a.

Surround around  

Black can be satisfied with hemming White in on both sides.


White is thoroughly surrounded. B1 threatens to kill. Later, B5 - B7 threaten seki. (The last sequence is ambiguous, since W8 is worth 3 points by miai counting, the same size as Black's hane-tsugi.) White's corner is worth only 6 points.

(White is 1/4 point better off under area scoring, since territory counts in seki. Then B5 - B7 is gote.)

Compare this result with the typical joseki:


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