BQM 242

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Life & Death, Tactics, Question
Killable invasion?  

Velobici: What is the best way for white to handle this invasion. Naturally as a kyu player, I wanted to kill. Didn't kill but did confine black to small life in gote, at least.

Could white have done better?

Game sequence  

Appears that black has lived in gote as a and b are miai.

Bill: I don't know what best play is, but W3 in the game is aji keshi. The simple block at W5 is better.

Alex: Yeah. Pushing in like this is one of the bad habits I talk about in the book I'm working on. Most kyu players play something like this several times a game. Some times, it's more harmful than others, but I think simply ceasing to push in when you can't/aren't going to cut is enough to gain a stone strength, because those who commit the mistake commit it so often.

Killable invasion?  

unkx80: I will also consider W2. Because of the white+circle stones, there is no escape for Black.

Killable invasion?  

For example, the sequence from B3 to W10. It does not look like Black can live, c.f. L+1 group and Kyu Exercise 52.

Velobici: Thanks! This is one of those positions where the Elephant Jump (W2 in the diagram above) works. Its a move that is hard to find because it can often be cut.

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