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Answer to White 6?  

B5 is supposed to be joseki, but how is Black going to answer W6?

Black's hane  

Dieter: B1 creates a cutting point with black+circle.


Something like this ?

PurpleHaze: I'm not so sure about that cut...

White wants the outside...  

dnerra: In my opinion, B3 should be at B9. I don't think Dieter meant that Black should cut immediately.

DJ: I totally agree, B3 has to be played at B9. black+circle is not meant to cut immediately, but it is good enough to spoil White's shape. See my comment at the (provisional) end of this page.

White wants the outside...  

Tyler: Does B3 work here? It looks to me like the black stones die, but I might be misreading something.

PurpleHaze: Oops, you're right. Teach me to read it all in my head and not look at the diagram. How about...

White wants the outside (improved)...  

White wants the outside (improved)...  

unkx80: White should play at white+circle directly, and leave the nasty ko in this diagram for a suitable time later.

White wants the corner...  

dnerra Dieter's hane seems the only move.

White wants the corner... and gets its  

I think both Black a and Black b lead to a good result for him.

DJ: I like Black b very much. I (for what is worth) play this joseki quite often, if only to surprise my opponent... ;-)
white+circle is a wrong answer, as it lets Black spoil White's shape by playing 1. The hane below, at d is even worse, as will let Black force White very low by cross-cutting.
Correct answer is the hane on top at c: it works here, and it works even better if Black had played at e instead of black+circle: in such case there is a ladder that has to be good for Black if he wants to play this joseki.
This move was invented and thoroughly studied by the Koreans. The idea, somewhat greedy, is for Black to be able to play on both sides...
One has to be careful on what lies ahead on the TS and the LS, and in my experience (again, FWIW) it is playable as Black when you play the keima in answer to the kakari: you don't have to worry about ladders and you end up with small groups everywhere, but usually they are safe enough...
If White goes wrong and play white+circle, she will find herself with bad shape and a group playing often on dame points...
You can find a thourough treatment by O Meien (if I remember correctly - I'll check when at home) on two past issues of GoWorld.
Try this move and have fun!

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