Amateur Fuseki 1

    Keywords: Opening
move 1-10  

  • W4:

PurpleHaze: W4 is premature, better around 9. [1]

  • B5:

PurpleHaze: My first choice would be to tenuki to play around 9. But if you are going to answer why the "noseki"? See 3-4 Point High Approach for the better moves.

Klaus: B5 is not necesarily "noseki" see 3-4 point, high approach, ogeima

  • B9: Klaus: locally, playing at a is a good move, which white must probably answer arround b
  • W10: Klaus: I was trying to attack the incomplete shape here, in order to prevent black from easily developing his high stone at B5.

Bill: Attacking on a large scale is not a bad idea. However, if Black secures his position, you may look silly. Here is a better idea, I think.

Attack the weak point  

The clamp, W1, is key. If B2, through W9 White is strong and Black is too concentrated. White still has aji at a.


move 1-10  

Dieter: If that is true, then suppose Black "punishes" White and plays in the open corner, we have these five moves. Now look at them as if B1 is at B5 and B5 at B1, in other words, W4 opens in the corner at the 5-4 point. Is this bad for White ? Then opening at 5-4 is a bad idea in many cases.

Bottom line, I don't think you can convincingly state that a kakari is premature when an open corner is available. I remember quite a few games from the Edo period where this is done, a.o. by Gennan Inseki.

Klaus: When playing the game, I anticipated B5 in the empty corner. I wanted to play the cover at W6. ( see 4-5 point 4-3 approach keima for reverences) which seems to fit the fuseki rather well.

Bill: There is a slight problem with W6.

Ladder Breaker  

In reply to white+circle, Black can play B1 and White cannot afford the hane (W2). White's ladder does not work, because black+circle breaks it.

move 11-20  

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