3-4 point low approach three-space high pincer taisha

  Difficulty: Expert   Keywords: Joseki
Taisha in the high pincer  

After B9, White's options include the descent of a and the push of b.

See "Descent variations" and "Push variations" below.

Descent variations

Nie Weiping on Go recommends the following as one possible variation.

Descent variation, high pincer: Nie Weiping's idea  

In contrast to a low pincer variation given above, White cuts with W3 rather than playing at a.

White achieves nice shape with W5 and W9.


White continues and seals Black in the corner.

Charles This line was out of fashion after 1981; it occurred in the fourth game of the 53rd Honinbo match 1998-06-22. But there B2/W3 was omitted (Black just played at B4).

White finishes with a.

Another idea  

A different variation is given in Whole Board Thinking In Joseki when White has made a three-space high pincer.

Charles The jump out isn't common

By the way, going back to W1 here makes it harder (for me) to see where the variation branches.

In contrast to Nie Weiping's variation, White jumps out to W3 before cutting with W5. B8 induces W9 which induces B10.


Charles What seems to be prevalent in current pro games is the Yang Yilun idea, but immediately.

Another idea, revised  

Here W1 and B4 both look like inducing moves. B4 at a ( the Nie Weiping play above) is another, different type of inducing play.


So, it looks like White anticipates B4 of the previous diagram, and reckons that, if we get to here, the exchange of the stones on the square-marked points isn't worth it.

Push variations

Ishida's Joseki Dictionary does not have a taisha descent variation for the three-space high pincer. Instead, the normal "push" variation is given.

Push variation  

Charles There is no settled variation for W5: White also plays for shape at one of the circled points.

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