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Bill: Recent activity (2006-08-08 18:31) [#2046]

I am puzzled about what seems like a lot of activity on this page. The recent listing of Territory Pitfall, which definitely has a link to it, is an example of what puzzles me. What is going on?

Not that SL couldn't use some reorganizing. In checking out territory pitfall, for instance, I ran across a discussion of teaching atari go that I asked about a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps in some previous reorganization it got divorced from its context.

axd: Re: Recent activity (2006-08-09 20:00) [#2064]

There. The page is an orphan again. Will the owner please take it back home? :-) Oops - problem already solved...

ProtoDeuteric: Re: Recent activity (2006-08-10 05:40) [#2065]

There are some pages that I believe should be deleted, and the links to them changed, in spite of the fact that there are references to them. Because I have found no "Recommendations for Deletion" page, this is the closest page to my aim of which I know. That is the reason for "ON Reading" and "Kun Reading" on the Wiki Orphans page.

Phelan: Re: Recent Activity (2006-08-08 21:51) [#2049]

I guess I'm the one to blame.

I think I started it by adding a lot of "unreachable" pages from DistanceFromFrontpage(in this [ext] edit). There are a lot of pages only referenced from discussion pages and subpages that, not being orphans per se, still appear as unreachable on that page.

My intention was to make finding homes for the useful ones easier by distributing it to all editors. I don't think all of them are ripe for deletion, most have interesting content that could add to other pages by being linked. Perhaps I should have added a keep vote to those to make it clear.

Besides that, I think that it's not as easy to find pages if you have to go through a discussion page. Most pages created from those discussions seem interesting enough to warrant a link from elsewhere, or a content move. Also, some subpages aren't linked from the main page (except in the automatically generated links to the left) so pages that are only linked from those may be harder to find.

I've found some pages only linked from a Homepage, those I made subpages of that homepage.

Should I only add actual orphans to the WikiOrphans?

Phelan: Re: Recent Activity (2006-08-08 23:30) [#2052]

To give examples, I just found GetStrongAtTeaching and FightingLiberty listed as unreachable, and both seem pages that would gain if they were linked, or if their content was moved to other relevant pages.

RobertJasiek: Re: Recent Activity (2011-12-29 07:16) [#9187]

Now that a whole book explains fighting liberty, this term is not as remote as it appeared five years ago.

Bill: Re: Recent Activity (2006-08-09 14:46) [#2054]

Thanks, I see. :-)

Being hard to reach can be a problem. But do we really want to slate such pages for deletion? How about making a new index page for them, like Hard to reach pages?? Or even a path, like Off the beaten path? ;-)

Unkx80: Re: Recent Activity (2006-08-09 15:21) [#2056]

I don't see the need for a "hard to reach pages". Librarians and admins can ask the wiki engine to compute distance from frontpage and pages by distance, which I just updated. The first one already serves the purpose of identifying hard to reach pages.

Bill: Re: Recent Activity (2006-08-09 17:01) [#2060]

I was responding to Phelan's intention:

My intention was to make finding homes for the useful ones easier by distributing it to all editors.

Pages by Distance does not provide a focus for such pages. A separate page would do that.

Even better, perhaps, would be an index. Aside from the question of these pages, an index would aid navigation of SL in general.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2006-08-09 15:16) [#2055]

Oh I would slate a lot more for deletion than only the unreachable ones.

Deleting the unreachable ones (or relinking them) improves the consistency of our little database. It doesn't improve the quality. Yet, one cleanup action leads to another. I know that the scent of WME makes you shiver, Bill, but my fingers are itching already!

Unkx80: Re: ((no subject)) (2006-08-09 15:23) [#2057]

Heh! =)

Bill: Re: ((no subject)) (2006-08-09 15:51) [#2059]

Oh, I like WMEs. I've taken part in a number of them myself. :-) (But I do prefer the older style, which was more of a community effort.)

And I do think that reorganization can be quite useful, especially if hypertext is kept in mind. (Hypertext allows multiple ways of organizing the same material.)

That being the case, if a page is distant and hard to reach, a new organization that brings it closer and makes it more available is a good idea. That is not the same as putting it in Wiki Orphans!

How about some index pages? Re: Wiki Indexes (2006-08-09 19:31) [#2063]

Morten: There is a WikiIndexes page, but it never really took off...

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