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velobici: Difficulty and other topics (2008-07-18 03:59) [#4893]

The following was taken from the main page and archived here on 17 July 2008

DG - Bill,

(1) are problems in these 2 books graded the same way as those in Segoe Kensaku & Go Seigen Tesuji Dictionary: (roughly) C:10-5 kyu, B:5 -1 kyu, A: 1 dan and up?

Bill: Yes, except that Segoe says that the C problems are simply below 5 kyu.

You mean in his The Book to Increase Your Fighting Strength at Go) he says that C problems are below 5 kyu. I read somewhere that in his Tesuji Dictionary C's are 10-5 kyu ; is it wrong, are they (in TD) graded the same way, Cs are up to 5 kyu?

(2) Any other book (that I didn't hear of) you can recommend, that can be used w/o the knowledge of Japanese language? Thanks a lot!

Bill: Well, it helps to know a little kanji. See Basic Japanese for Reading Go Books. I'd say that any book of problems is fine. The Maeda tsumego books are very good.

I have Maeda's books. I was thinking more of 'half board' tactical/fighting problems, maybe similar to books mentioned above. Kind of 'classic', as you describe these 2 books.

When I started reading Japanese go books I could not read very well and relied mainly on the diagrams, ignoring the text for the most part. Later on I discovered that I had misunderstood a few diagrams, but usually I had understood the go as well as I could have if I had been able to read the text.

I know some bacic kanjis (black, white, etc) , IMO it is enough for problems books. (Why do I need description for solving a problem, nobody will describe it in a real game:)

BTW, is it possible to buy Segoe Tsume-Go Dictionary anywhere? What is your opinion of that book?Also, I am interested in Famous Tsumego Dictionary by Hashimoto Shoji & Masterpiece Tsumego Dictionary by Sekiyama Riichi and Sekiyama Toshio. Or, any other Tsume-Go or Tesuji dictionary. Thanks.

Bill: I think that the Segoe is out of print. The Sekiyama I have, but I think that it is quite difficult. The Hashimoto is, I think, 風と刻橋本宇太郎詰碁名作選 , by Hashimoto Utaro, in 3 volumes. [ext] Amazon, Japan has the 2d and 3d volumes available in a week or two.

Thanks Bill. Is your email address same as one on your website? I would like to send you an email, or if you don't mind you can send it to me at trotinet2 at gmail dot com I need some info re books.

RichardHunter The "famous tsumego dictionary" is by Hashimoto Shoji not Utaro. It is a collection of some problems from Gengen Gokyo and Igo Hatsuyoron. I have it. I also have Sekiyama's dictionary, but have barely looked at it. I would rate it as suitable for a 6 dan. I don't know the Segoe tsumego dictionary. Do you mean the SegoeTesujiDictionary that was recently reprinted?

hi richard. no, i meant 'tsumego jiten' by segoe's listed on BGA page '[ext]' Tsumego Jiten (TsumeGo dictionary) Written & published by Segoe Kensaku, Showa 29 Reprinted Showa 42. now, i'm curious about Hashimoto Utaro Tsume-Go Dictionary, that bill mentioned. can you give me more info? thanks.

Bill: Currently Amazon, Japan lists only eight books by Hashimoto Shoji, none about tsumego. So his tsumego dictionary seems to be out of print.

DG: Bill and/or Richard - would you be so kind and put info about those TsumeGo Dictionaries by Hashimoto Utaro and Hashimoto Shoji somewhere on sensei pages? With ISBNs etc? Thanks a lot!

RichardHunter: Actually, I found the Segoe Tsumego Dictionary hiding at the back of my bookshelf. I haven't looked at it much. There's a good section on ishi no shita.

Lynx: What is he saying in all the problems? Are the blurbs important, tactical information? Or just general comments? Any way to get a translation?

Bill: See Reading Problem 1 for an example of what the blurbs say. Another example (not an exact translation): At first glance the corner looks like Black territory, with no play inside. But if you think about it, White has a way to live.

Tamsin: I'm willing to assist people in buying this book and other Japanese-only titles, although there are what you might call yen-related strings attached to the deal...leave a message on my page if you're interested and we'll talk.

X Re: Difficulty and other topics (2014-05-01 16:19) [#10082]

My copies are a more recent printing (2003/2004) than Bill refers to. According to the preface of book 1, C problems are rated around 1 dan, class B problems are rated middle dan, and class A problems are rated high dan. Maybe this reflects an adaptation to the ranking inflation in Japan.

reply Difference between book 1 and book 2 ?? (2014-04-29 10:08) [#10076]

I just ordered book 2 on (!) they are well connected to the japanese amazon i guess... but what about book1 is it easyier or in any other sense different to book2 ?! Thnx.

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