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bugcat: conversation on updating the article (2021-10-03 10:06) [#11877]

This article was last updated in May 2019, which is astounding to me considering that she's very likely the most famous professional under eighteen years old.

We're missing almost her entire career -- she only became a professional at the end of March of that year.

Admittedly, the article doesn't have a huge number of hits, about 850. But I don't know of a single article created since the start of 2019 that has as many as Sumire's has. For all I know, Sumire's article might be the most popular made in the last three years.

Here's a list of resources. Instead of just dumping them at the bottom of the article and sending the reader on their way, let's try to fold in the content if we can.

One important change that needs to be made is to show that she was promoted to 2p. Sure, we could just add that, but it might as well be done as part of a proper program of maintenance that would set up the article for next year.

bugcat: continuing conversation (2021-10-03 22:12) [#11878]

More casual info: she played (and lost) an exhibition game against Seo Bongsoo a while ago.

She also played (and lost) against Iyama Yuta in the Shin Ryusei. That tournament also needs an article -- I thought I'd made one, but I guess I only discussed it a bit on the OGS forum. Fairbairn made a thread about the Shin Ryusei on L19.

We can probably also find a few video reviews of her games to add, like from Yeonwoo. Here's Yeonwoo's review of Sumire's game against Korean 9p Seo Neungwook (Seo Neung-uk, ie. [ext] this guy).


She was even used to promote a brand of barbecue sauce at one point.

Sumire competed in the Wu Qingyuan Cup as well. iirc she was able to take her first international victory there.

bugcat: continuing conversation (2021-10-03 22:20) [#11879]

It turns out, btw, that I was wrong about Sumire's article being the most popular since the start of 2019 / in the last three years.

[ext] Yeonwoo's page was created in December 2019 and has just under 3,400 views.

Also, [ext] Covid19 and Go (est. August 2020) has a very similar amount to the Sumire article.

The page on [ext] Lizzie was also started in May 2019 and has about 5,300.

So fair enough, 850 views is not quite as much as I presented it as.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-11-16 19:59) [#11938]

I think she played in the Globis Cup international U-20 this year, but didn't do very well.

Wikipedia says that "she started playing the ancient board game with her father when she was three and has been competing in national tournaments in Japan since she was seven."

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-11-17 17:03) [#11950]

Sumire beat Ueno Asami a few days ago, in the Fumakiller event, an exhibition tournament of four female Japanese professionals. [ext] L19 post

This was apparently the first time she had beaten Ueno, although it was "only an exhibition game".

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