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Dieter: Re: What's the name of Black's shape? (2020-09-23 16:26) [#11593]

Well, that remains to be seen. Just like some "true" joseki have become "obsoleted" by AI, there are a number of "obsoleted" joseki that are actually not that bad, not worse than the ones obsoleted by humans.

The catenaccio joseki is such one. See the LZ-KataGo evaluation I provided at the end of the main page. ((no subject)) (2020-09-19 23:57) [#11592]

You're right it's hard to live. But is it so hard to live that it doesn't live if white fills the ko? That's the point.

I thought I had a simple proof for 17 point floor, but the proof turns out to be not so simple. A smaller space technically exists, but should not ever live because it can be killed too easily in formation. Re: What's the name of Black's shape? (2020-09-19 12:24) [#11591]

Seeing as Dieter gave the proper answer, I'll say:

Low, pathetic, lame :) ((no subject)) (2020-09-19 02:24) [#11590]

Thanks c:

Dieter: Re: What's the name of Black's shape? (2020-09-18 09:36) [#11589]

Hey, if you click on the binoculars, you'll get all pages with that shape. This is also a feature of [ext] Find Board Positions. You'll see that this result of a familiar corner pattern has been baptized catenaccio joseki here but that's not an official name for it, rather SL Lingo.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2020-09-18 09:35) [#11588]

No content What's the name of Black's shape? (2020-09-18 01:06) [#11587]
I'm sure this has a page somewhere  
Dieter: Needs attention (2020-09-16 09:35) [#11586]

I marked the page as being in need of attention. While it is true that an invasion can serve as a ko threat, there are a few claims on the page that are ungrounded, like "the value of the invasion as a threat is at least 17 points". Also, the example given is one where it's very hard to live in the first place. The idea may be worth a page but it needs a better implementation. Not "the" 3-3 invasion (2020-09-12 01:18) [#11585]

This is a 3-3 invasion, having little or nothing to do with the 3-3 invasion of the 4-4, or any other single stone corner. The invasion died. So what?

Page: Sabaki Open · Topic: Merge?
bugcat: ((no subject)) (2020-09-09 20:58) [#11584]

Oh, I just realised that's not an SL link but rather a (broken) external one. If the article is pretty much just a dead link perhaps we should just get rid of it.

Page: Sabaki Open · Topic: Merge?
bugcat: Merge? (2020-09-09 20:55) [#11582]

This is a really stubby stub, merge into the Sabaki Go Club article?

RuoshiSun: ((no subject)) (2020-09-05 23:28) [#11581]

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest! Sorry for my late reply as I don't check here very often.

I received such requests before and I looked into it. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to convert these books into Kindle/SmartGo format. I have thought about PDF, but it may not be mobile-friendly.

I can't promise anything, but in ascending order of likelihood:

  • Kindle is almost impossible. I tried their conversion tool and it doesn't handle the go diagrams correctly. The only way to make this work would be to convert the go diagrams into image files.
  • SmartGo is feasible, but again it will require a complete redesign of the books and involve a lot of extra work.
  • PDF is the most likely. I have yet to find a good platform.

I appreciate your message and your encouragement means a lot to me.

Best, Ruoshi

clayfanatic: Re: Example from a pro game swapped colors? (2020-09-02 22:18) [#11580]

Thank you very much! Re: Example from a pro game swapped colors? (2020-09-02 19:28) [#11579]

The page has been edited to show the kikashi stones.

clayfanatic: Re: Example from a pro game swapped colors? (2020-09-02 18:55) [#11578]
    • Nor am I certain which stones were kikashi in this example. Would someone please be able to point out which stones are kikashi?
clayfanatic: Re: Example from a pro game swapped colors? (2020-09-02 18:53) [#11577]

I've realized that the text refers to the second diagram and not the first, but I don't understand which 2 stones this sentence is referring to, "With B4 Black is willing to let White cut off the two stones." No I'm I certain which stones were kikashi in the example. Would someone be able to provide clarity please?

clayfanatic: Example from a pro game swapped colors? (2020-09-02 18:48) [#11576]

I'm new to Go and still learning the game. The descriptive text at the side of the "Example from a pro game" reads with backwards colors to what I see on the board. I'm wondering if I'm not understanding this correctly or if the colors in the description are actually switched?

here: [ext]

Page: Erica · Topic: Merge?
Dieter: Re: ((no subject)) (2020-08-27 10:54) [#11575]

I don't recall if I deleted the Stanley pages, not sure what they were about too. I did perform some deletions though, because some abandoned/humorous/irrelevant pages either clutter up the index, getting too much prominence, or remain unlinked so they're unlikely to be found in the first place and only consume space. I don't consider myself a "deletionist" and I can see where your frustration with WP comes from. I like SL to be somewhat coherent though but I'm only housekeeping it from the orphan perspective.

SL still has lots of pages that you could argue into deletion: the rengos we played here, with all their analyses, which no one will ever read ...

But I'm sorry if I was the one taking away the pleasure of reading about Stanley. If the Stanley pages have or had a meaning or purpose, and they're not here anymore, maybe someone who knows about it should recreate them?

Page: Erica · Topic: Merge? Re: ((no subject)) (2020-08-27 00:44) [#11574]

Uberdude [ext] seems a good list already. An entry in that list could link to another short SL page as here, another long SL page, or none at all.

Page: Erica · Topic: Merge? Re: ((no subject)) (2020-08-27 00:40) [#11573]

Uberdude ditto, I'm not a fan of wikipedia deletionists, I hope SL doesn't follow suit. I was saddened recently to see the SL pages on Stanley fuseki have been deleted.

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